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Mernda Rail Project: Community update June 2018

14 Jun 2018

Mernda Rail Extension – coming soon

The Mernda Rail Extension will change the way residents in Melbourne’s northern suburbs travel to work, school and entertainment.
Construction of the eight kilometres of new rail is six months ahead of schedule.

This is great news for the 8000 commuters who are expected to use the three new stations every day.
In the coming months you will have the opportunity to come and explore the new stations before passenger trains start running.
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Middle Gorge Station

Middle Gorge Station (formerly known by its working title of Marymede) has two kiss-and-ride drop-off facilities accessible from Old Plenty Road and Williamsons Road.
Disabled parking is also available from both entrances, with park-and-ride spaces accessible from Williamsons Road.

The station can be accessed by a walking and cycling path running along the rail corridor, with secure bicycle storage available through a Parkiteer facility.

The station includes ramps, lifts and stairs that provide easy access for everyone, including the elderly, people with a disability and anyone travelling with children. There is also a pedestrian underpass that connects Old Plenty Road and Williamsons Road.

Middle Gorge Station orientation map

Mernda Station

Mernda Station has two entrances. The main entrance is south of Bridge Inn Road with an additional entrance north of Bridge Inn Road that provides access to the central platform via an elevated walkway.

The main entrance includes a kiss-and-ride drop-off area and a bus interchange close to the station entry.
The station's platform is accessible by stairs, and by lifts at both entrances that are equipped with their own back-up power source.
The walking and cycling path running alongside the rail line leads to the main entrance, with a Parkiteer facility providing secure bicycle storage.

Mernda station orientation map

Hawkstowe Station

Hawkstowe Station has a kiss-and-ride drop-off area close to the station entry, accessible from Hawkstowe Parade. Buses will utilise bus stops outside the station on Hawkstowe Parade and Plenty Road.

The walking and cycling path connects to Hawkstowe Station, with a Parkiteer facility providing secure bicycle storage.

The central platform is accessible by stairs, and by lifts that are each equipped with their own back-up power source.

Hawkstowe Station orientation map

New opportunities on track

A local partnership is sowing seeds for exciting new employment opportunities for people living with a disability.
Mernda Rail recently teamed with Yarra View Nursery, a social enterprise providing employment for people with disabilities, resulting in the creation of 11 new positions and increased opportunities for existing employees.

The nursery has been awarded a contract to provide 110,000 native trees, shrubs and grasses for the new stations, rail line and surrounding areas.
For every tree removed, the project is replanting two trees, meaning more than 2500 trees will be planted.

LXRA and its partners have prioritised the purchase of goods and services from social enterprises to deliver community benefits across Melbourne.

New community spaces announced for Hawkstowe, The Parkway and Mernda

Local residents will soon be enjoying three new community spaces that are being built as part of the Mernda Rail Extension Project.
The new community spaces will feature play equipment for children, exercise and sporting equipment for people of all ages, and the new community space at Mernda Station will include a much anticipated skate park.

As part of the project’s commitment to sustainability, seats and some play equipment will reuse rocks and logs reclaimed from the project.

Growing Employment Opportunities

Mernda Rail has provided an outstanding opportunity for many jobseekers, including engineering graduate Manu, to find their way in the major projects construction industry through the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) GROW Program.

Manu, who moved to Australia from Ethiopia in 2012, commenced working with John Holland on Mernda Rail in 2017.

The LXRA GROW Program is a five-day course connecting people from marginalised backgrounds with training and employment opportunities in the transport and construction industries.

“I feel it is all coming together and it is good to be around all these experts and learn as much from them as possible,” says Manu.

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