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Mernda Rail Extension Project - October 2018

17 Oct 2018

The Mernda Rail Extension is up and running

Planning for the Mernda Rail Extension Project commenced in 2015 and construction began in 2017. After less than 18 months of construction we have now opened eight kilometres of new track and three brand new stations, with trains now operating.

Completing the project six months early has been a major achievement, and we are grateful to the community for their support and patience during the works.

While there are some finishing works continuing, we hope you are now enjoying the benefits and convenience that your new rail line delivers.

Works continue

You will notice as you use the new stations that there are some works continuing around the sites, so please be sure to pay attention to signs in the area. These works include:

  • landscaping throughout the rail alignment
  • finishing works at all three stations
  • finishing works on the new walking and cycling path.

Sneak peek event

On Sunday 19 August over 6000 people from the local community and across Melbourne braved wild weather to tour the three new stations and to be among the first people to ride the new section of rail aboard free shuttle trains.

The stations and trains were full of excited, happy passengers and the community created a great atmosphere on the day. Thanks to everyone who attended — check out our web site and social media pages for photos of the event.

Hula hooper performer at the Mernda sneak peak event

Mernda rail in pictures

Use the drop down menu below to see some of the highlights from the Mernda Rail Line Extension Project.

  • Improving transport in the northern suburbs
    • Bus interchange under construction at Mernda Station

      Mernda is one of the fastest growing areas in the state. The Mernda Rail Extension Project caters for population growth in Melbourne’s north.

      Working laying sleepers at Middle Gorge Station

      The project installed eight kilometres of new track and three brand new stations, extending the existing South Morang line.

      Commuters boarding a train on the Mernda family fun day

      The new stations are catering for up to 8000 commuters a day and giving passengers access to 982 services every week.

      Extra car parks at Mernda

      There are around 2000 new car spaces across the three stations, plus bike storage facilities, walking and cycling paths and new community spaces.

  • We're early
    • Local residents enjoying the giveaways at the opening of the Mernda line

      The Mernda Rail Extension has been delivered six months ahead of schedule. The contract was awarded at the end of 2016, construction commenced in April 2017 and passenger services commenced in August 2018.

  • Sustainability
    • The exterior of Middle Gorge Station

      Landscaping works included 2500 new trees and 120,000 new plants and shrubs along the rail corridor. For every tree removed by the project, at least two will be planted.

      Workers standing behind the Middle Gorge sign

      More than 90 per cent of materials harvested from the site were recycled resulting in an "excellent" Design Infrastructure Sustainability rating from the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia.

      Worker with crushed rock in gabion walls

      80,000 tonnes of basalt rock was excavated from beneath McDonalds and Plenty roads and crushed on site, preventing the need for offsite crushing and keeping trucks off local roads.

      Re-used crushed rock creating new track rail line for Mernda

      Some of the crushed rock was reused as ballast beneath the new rail line, and much of it was reused in station walls and landscaping.

  • Providing Opportunity
    • Workers joining rail together via a thermit weld

      132 cadets, apprentices and trainees worked over 76,000 hours, exceeding our commitment under the Major Project Skills Guarantee. 153 Indigenous employees worked over 62,000 hours which meant the project surpassed the Aboriginal Employment Target.

      Employees at the Yarra View Nursery that supplied Mernda with plants

      Social procurement was a priority on the project. A contract with social enterprise Yarra View Nursery allowed the nursery to hire 11 additional employees.

  • Creating jobs
    • Screeding Plenty Road bridge deck pour

      The project clocked up over two million worker hours, with a workforce of over 1200 people directly employed and 1800 people indirectly employed.

      The Mernda Jobs Info Hub

  • Sneak peak event
    • Commuters getting off the train at Mernda

      More than 6000 people attended the sneak peek event on 19 August to enjoy the free shuttle trains between the new stations.

      Performers at Mernda Station sneak peak event

      More than 50 local traders, community groups and schools provided the event festivities.

      Dancers at Mernda

      Dancers performing at the opening of Mernda Station

      Sausage sizzle at Mernda Sneak Peak event

      A tasty 200 kilograms of sausages, 1500 slices of pizza, 1000 doughnuts, and more than 2000 coffees kept the crowds content.

Community spaces

One of the exciting features of the Mernda Rail Extension has been the creation of three new community spaces. The new public spaces at Mernda,The Parkway and Hawkstowe include something for everyone, with different play, exercise and sporting equipment.

The much anticipated skate park at Mernda Station is receiving rave reviews, so head on down and check it out for yourself.

Community play equipment at Hawkstowe Station

Community play equipment at Hawkstowe Station

Accessing your new services

One of the best ways to access your new train services is by bus, with connections available at Middle Gorge and Hawkstowe stations, and a brand new bus interchange at Mernda Station that connects seven routes to train services.
For bus timetables and information, visit PTV or call 1800 800 007.

Buses at the new Mernda Station

Buses arriving the new Mernda Stations

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