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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Mentone and Parkdale community update – December 2021

21 Dec 2021

Two level crossings going, a new Parkdale Station on the way

Parkdale Station

Parkers Road, Parkdale level crossing.

The Victorian Government is investing more than $3 billion in the Frankston line to improve safety, reduce congestion and allow for more trains to run more often.

We’re removing the dangerous and congested level crossings at Warrigal Road, Mentone and Parkers Road, Parkdale as well as building a brand new Parkdale Station.

It has been determined a rail over road solution is the best design for removing the level crossings, delivering new open space and better local connections for the community. As we develop early designs, we want to hear your ideas and feedback on the new station precinct and open space.

Parkdale map

Why these level crossings need to go

  • About 20,000 vehicles travel through these crossings each day
  • Boom gates are down for up to 44 minutes of the morning peak
  • 34 trains during the morning peak
  • Improved safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians
  • Improved travel times and reduced congestion
  • Opportunity for new community facilities and open space

OverpassMoreland Station playgroundCarrum — elevated rail

From left to right: New walking and cycling path under Toorak road; New open space and playground near Moreland Station, Coburg; New open space and walking and cycling path in Carrum.

Why the rail bridge is the best solution for Parkdale and Mentone

Expert engineers have factored in the geography of the area, the width of the rail corridor, the land uses on each side of the rail corridor and the overall amenity potential of the design.

An elevated rail solution at this location has many advantages:

  • It connects two sides of the community by removing the constraints of the rail line.
  • Allows for more car parking for passengers and traders.
  • It will significantly improve safety for locals and enable people to cross the rail line easily.
  • There’ll be less disruption during construction and the new Parkdale Station will be open in time for the new Metro Tunnel services. This is important as it will mean more trains, more often on the Frankston line.
  • Reduces overall noise and there will be insignificant overshadowing of homes and shops.
  • We can create new open space and play areas under and around the rail bridge, and we’ll do this with input from the community.
  • We can plant more trees and greenery near the rail line and as part of the new open space.

Shared open space Hawkstowe Moreland open space

From left to right: New playground at Seaford Road, Seaford; Hawkstowe open space and elevated rail; Playground and open space near Moreland Station.

Looking at the playground off Munro Street in Coburg Carrum Station

From left to right: Moreland open space and elevated rail; Carrum Station and elevated rail.

New community space

As part of the project, we’ll create around two MCG’s worth of new space.

The new space will sit both under and on either side of the elevated rail line and will be developed with input from the community.

Opportunities for this new open space include playgrounds, basketball courts, recreation areas, walking and cycling paths, open air gyms and dog parks, as well as the potential for more parking for the local shops, which will encourage more people to the shopping precinct. There’ll also be room for lots of green space with new trees and landscaping.

We’re setting up an Open Space Advisory Panel to help us get the best use out of the new space the project creates.

The panel will be made up of local community members and stakeholders who will provide input into how Parkdale’s newest community open spaces will be developed.

They will share their perspective to help us design a space that will be used by locals for generations to come.

What work have we done so far?

Each level crossing site is unique. They are all detailed, complex projects that need to work within constraints created by existing infrastructure such as roads, buildings, the utility services that run along and across the rail line, the local landscape and the area’s ground conditions.

When determining the best solution for a site, we also consider:

  • the urban setting and future land uses
  • the impact on residents and properties, both during construction and after the project is finished
  • implications for local businesses
  • overall cost and value for money
  • any potential compulsory land acquisition
  • potential development and growth in the area
  • the wider transport network.

Detailed planning and technical work underpins each project, helping to identify the risks and opportunities at each level crossing.

At Warrigal Road and Parkers Road, this work includes:

  • geotechnical investigations (drilling) to learn about the ground conditions
  • site surveys
  • traffic studies
  • determining where the existing services, such as gas, water, electricity, telecommunications and sewerage are located
  • feature surveys
  • flora and fauna investigations


Parkdale Station.

What we're delivering

  • LXRP is removing 85 level crossings by 2025, with 54 level crossings already gone for good.
  • On the Frankston line, we're delivering:
  • 20 level crossing removals; 16 gone
  • 13 new stations; 11 built
  • More trains, more often

We want to hear from you

We spoke with 191 community members at our recent information sessions in Parkdale.

Across our online and face-to-face sessions since September we have spoken with 650 community members about the Parkdale project.

We want to hear what locals love about Parkdale and what you'd like to see in the new station precinct and open space. Our online vision and values survey is open until 30 January, so there is plenty of time for you to have your say.

There will be more opportunities to get involved throughout 2022.

Register for email updates to get all the latest project information, including how to get involved, delivered to your inbox.

Planned project timeline

Mid to late 2021

  • Early site investigations
  • Open Space Advisory Panel nominations
  • Community consultation

Early to mid 2022

  • Open Space Advisory Panel meetings commence
  • Early elevated rail and open space concept designs
  • Community consultation

Mid to late 2022

  • Refined elevated rail and open space designs
  • Community consultation
  • Stakeholder Liaison Group nominations
  • Open Space Advisory Panel meetings continue
  • Contract award


  • Final elevated rail and open space designs
  • Start of works


  • Project completion

View the Mentone and Parkdale December community update PDF here PDF, 2.0 MB

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