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Melton Highway Community Update – October 2017

01 Oct 2017

Major milestone for the new bridge

Noticed something different on Melton Highway?

In July, we safely completed the first stage of the new road bridge that will finally see the end to the congested level crossing on Melton Highway. During this work, trains were stopped and the road was closed at the level crossing so that we could lift 24 ‘Super T’ concrete beams into place using a 600-tonne crane. The crane was one of the biggest in Australia and the concrete beams, each weighing 76 tonnes, were produced nearby in Melton.

Interesting crane facts

  • A 200-tonne crane was needed to assemble the massive 600-tonne crane.
  • More than 35 semi-trailers brought the crane on to the work site in pieces.
  • The crane was 42 metres tall when assembled.
  • The 600-tonne crane needed a 410-tonne counterweight to lift each 76-tonne beam into place.
  • Each beam lift took about an hour.

Getting on with the job

Over the coming months, crews will be working on building a reinforced earth wall that supports the south-side of the bridge on either side of the rail line.

The design of the wall was inspired by two very different places of local significance: the geological forms of the Organ Pipes National Park and the tyre treads of Calder Park Raceway. Both places are of value to the local area and the materials for the wall have been sourced locally.

Sustainability focus

For the past 25 years Melton’s Sam Galea has spent his days putting another brick in the wall – mostly earth retaining walls.

Sam’s business – Plumpton Road Recycling Centre – is providing fill from recycled bricks for the earth retaining walls that will act as ramps onto the new road bridge at Melton Highway.

“Using crushed and recycled bricks as opposed to gravel is much better for the environment, as a product that has already been manufactured is used instead, meaning that huge holes in the ground don’t need to be dug,” Mr Galea said.

The Level Crossing Removal Authority is proud to be sourcing products from local suppliers in the west.

Shop local – support our traders

We recognise that our program of works can impact local businesses.

We're working closely with traders to make sure customers have ready access to shops and businesses at all times. Supporting local traders is central to everything we do and we encourage our workforce and contractors to eat and shop locally.

What's coming up next?

Get ready for the traffic switch

Next year, construction will start on the north side of the bridge after traffic has been switched to the other side. Once traffic is switched, the level crossing will be removed. Work will continue over the next year, with the project due to finish in late 2018.

Project timeline

January to March 2017
  • Geotechnical works around the level crossing.
  • Initial investigation works and surveying.
  • Establish construction site near the level crossing.
April to May 2017
  • Build bridge foundations.
  • Temporarily widen the north side of Melton Highway, relocate services, install temporary traffic signals, shift the level crossing slightly to the north.
  • Two lanes of traffic in each direction switched to the north of Melton Highway over the temporary level crossing.
  • Construction of the bridge on the south side of Melton Highway commences (stage one works)
Summer 2017/18
  • Completion of stage one bridge and road works.
  • Traffic will switch over to the bridge on the south side of Melton Highway.
  • Removal of the Melton Highway boom gates.
  • Construction of the bridge on the north side of Melton Highway (stage two works).
Early to Mid-2018
  • Construction of north side of bridge continues.
  • Sydenham and Victoria roads are joined under the bridge.
  • Landscaping and under-bridge paving works.
Late 2018
  • Project finish.

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