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High Street, Reservoir community update – August 2019

30 Aug 2019

Changes to how you move around Reservoir

This month the High Street intersection closed as we started building the rail bridge over High Street.

The intersection is closed at the level crossing until late December for the next phase of work to remove the dangerous and congested Reservoir level crossing once and for all.

A platform being lifted in the air being installed at Reservoir

During this time, the team will undertake intensive works that can’t take place while the intersection is open. These works include:

  • Building the foundations and support structure for the rail bridge in the intersection
  • Installing the rail bridge over the intersection
  • Constructing the new road layout through the intersection

See overleaf for maps outlining the alternative routes during this time. Drivers are advised to plan their journey ahead of time and allow extra travel time through the area.

We will maintain pedestrian access at all times while the intersection is closed.

Thank you for your patience during July and August. While Reservoir Station was closed, the team installed the elevated platform for the brand new station and started installing sections of the rail bridge.

Alternative access routes: High Street intersection closed at the level crossing from 9pm Monday 19 August to late December.

July progress

We had a busy few weeks at the end of July and the start of August installing six huge steel structures which form the base of the new station platform.

We also installed:

  • 190 concrete slabs on top of the steel structures
  • 20 headstocks, which support the bridge sections
  • 26 bridge sections, known as L-beams.

See below for some of the major achievements during this period of works.

Local artwork brightening up your temporary station

If you have been to the temporary station at Reservoir recently, you would have noticed some striking artwork adorning the walls.

The three pieces on display are from young artists Rubii Red, Nakia Cadd and Graham ‘BJ’ Braybon. The dynamic and vivid artworks feature traditional and modern methods and mediums, exploring cultural themes.

The artists have developed their pieces with the Narrun Yana Art Collective, which is a space for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to receive mentoring from established Aboriginal artists, to learn cultural protocols and practice and to develop ways to generate income. It forms part of programs provided at the state-wide Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA).

It is great to have such vibrant imagery adding colour to our temporary facilities.

Three pieces of Indigenous artwork on display at the temporary station in Reservoir.

Locals get a close-up

There will be more pop ups over the coming months where you can watch the works while the project team answer your questions. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for more details.

Local community member talking to Level Crossing Removal Project staff.

Project timeline

October 2018
  • Start of works
  • Service investigations and relocation
Early 2019
  • Site establishment at Reservoir Station
  • Signalling works
  • Existing station removed
  • Piling and foundation work begins
  • New temporary station facilities in place
Mid 2019
  • Pier construction
  • U-trough installation begins
  • New station platform works
Late 2019
  • New Reservoir Station under construction
  • Rail bridge built across High Street intersection
  • Level crossing removed
  • New Reservoir Station complete

* Please note that the timeline above is subject to change.

Quality and experience with Frank Condello Shoe Repairs

Frank Condello Shoe Repairs is a trusted staple in the Reservoir community.

Owner Frank Condello has been repairing shoes for over 28 years out of his Edwardes Street shopfront, building longstanding connections with the local community.

‘I like Reservoir because I like the community. The customers become like family, and I enjoy talking to the senior residents about their lives and experiences of the area and abroad’.

Offering a hand-crafted service that is in high demand, Frank works tirelessly to provide customers with quality shoe repairs for the best prices.

‘I offer a good old-fashioned service, I am a shoe repairer that still repairs shoes by hand. I do it the old-school way but incorporate modern materials into my craft,’ says Mr Condello.

Visit Frank during August to receive 10% off all your shoe repair bills. Frank Condello Shoe Repairs is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday at 38A Edwardes Street, Reservoir.

Frank Condello Shoe Repairs in Reservoir

It's all good on the Northside

Stop by Northside Cafe to get your coffee in the morning.

Nestled along Broadway’s shopping strip near Bernard Street, Northside boasts sit-down meals, a mix of freshly made breakfast wraps and coffee, perfect for when you’re on the go.

Owner James Cosca chose Broadway because of his personal connection to the area and the friendliness of the community.

‘I know this area really well. My parents met on Broadway many years ago so it’s part of my history. The other reason for opening here is the positive community along Broadway.’

For the past six months, James and his team have been serving up delicious coffee for the locals of Reservoir to get them going for the day.

‘We work hard to make sure our customers feel welcome,’ says James.

Located at 251-255 Broadway, Northside is open every day from 6.30am to 3pm.

Visit Northside before 11am to enjoy bacon and eggs on sourdough for just $12. Or come in for lunch and have a $15 parma with a free can of soft drink.

Big breakfast available at Northside Cafe Reservoir

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