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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Hallam Road community update – May 2021

21 May 2021

Works on track at Hallam Road

The Victorian Government is removing 17 dangerous level crossings along the Pakenham line, including the Hallam Road level crossing, as part of a $15 billion investment that will improve safety, reduce congestion and allow more trains to run more often.

We’re removing the dangerous and congested level crossing at Hallam Road, Hallam with a new rail bridge and dual-entrance station. The project will improve safety, traffic flow and connections, and support the local economy and jobs.

More than 20,000 cars and trucks use the Hallam Road level crossing every day, with boom gates down for more than a third of the morning peak.

Major construction works started in January, and the level crossing will be gone in 2022.

Since January we’ve:

  • built haul roads for trucks
  • relocated utilities and overhead power lines
  • started forming strong foundations for the rail bridge and new station
  • built temporary pedestrian ramps and installed barriers next to the station platform so trains can continue to run throughout most of our construction works.

Building of new rail bridge at Hallam underway

We've started building the foundations of the new rail bridge and station over Hallam Road

To do this safely, we closed Hallam Station from Tuesday 27 April to the last train service on Tuesday 4 May.

While the station was closed, we drilled and concreted 32 piles close to the existing station platform and facilities. These are the beginnings of the future rail bridge over Hallam Road.

Works are also underway to construct a temporary signalised pedestrian crossing, ensuring passenger safety while the new rail bridge and station are being built.

Crews lay concrete for new bus stop.

Crews lay foundations for new bus stop

Inspecting piling works at Hallam station.

Inspecting piling works at Hallam station

Works underway on overhead powerlines

Works underway on overhead powerlines

Protecting a little-known Hallam resident

We’ve protected vital habitat for dwarf galaxias (Galaxiella pusilla) – a threatened fish species only found in a few locations, including just 200 metres from our construction site.

To protect these fish during works, the team installed protective fencing and other measures to prevent sediment entering their environment.

‘The protection of the dwarf galaxias and wetland habitat near the project has been front of mind for the Hallam team from day one,’ said environmental manager, Mathew.

‘We’re very pleased with the protection measures and environmental controls installed to date and we took the opportunity to improve their wetland habitat on Clean Up Australia Day.

‘We are now continuing to identify ways the project can enhance their habitat and educate the community about the importance of conservation efforts.’

Environmental manager, Mathew, testing water quality.

Environmental manager, Mathew, testing water quality

A new technique in the mix at Hallam

With soft soil conditions around the project area, one of the challenges our crews face at Hallam Road is forming solid foundations for the new rail bridge and station.

To address the problem, the team piloted an innovative approach called ‘mass soil mixing,’ which helps turn soft soil into a strong base for construction.

Using excavators, the technique mixes a cement grout into soil to a depth of six metres.

Mass soil mixing is better for the environment, means less trucks on our roads and can be completed in a shorter timeframe – meaning less disruptions for the local community.

Stay up to date

For more information about the Hallam Road Level Crossing Removal Project, visit our website.

If you have any questions about the project, call us on 1800 105 105 or email

Project timeline

Mid 2021
  • Piling for the bridge substructure
  • Build the bridge retaining walls east and west of Hallam Road
  • First deliveries of the main bridge structures
Late 2021
  • Rail bridge over Hallam Road works start
  • Construction of new Hallam Station begins
  • Level crossing removed
  • New Hallam Station opens

Please note that the timeline above is subject to change.

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