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Greens Road Cranbourne Line Upgrade factsheet

09 Nov 2019

Works to remove the dangerous and congested level crossing at Greens Road will kick off in 2020.

Our engineers and designers have been working to refine proposed designs for a dual rail bridge over Greens Road. The design will be developed and refined further over the coming months.

Greens Road rail solution design - Rail over road

Why a rail bridge?

Traffic volumes on Greens Road are forecast to rise from 17,000 vehicles per day now, to 26,000 vehicles per day in 2026.The proposed 'rail over road' design will minimise disruption for the vehicles that use Greens Road each day. It also avoids the need to relocate a major gas pipeline, which would cause lengthy delays.

Bridge design

The proposed design at Greens Road will use U-trough technology to create a 400-metre elevated structure. Including abutments and retaining walls, the bridge has a total length of 600 metres.

Each U-trough beam will be a maximum of 27 metres long and created from two L-shaped spans. This construction method is the fastest, most efficient way to remove this level crossing.

What this means for motorists

The design for Greens Road means a few changes to the road layout.

Integral to the design is a centre column positioned between eastbound and westbound lanes. This allows for a longer bridge span meaning better visibility for road users.

The median strip will be slightly widened to seven metres at its widest point.

During construction

Some lane and full road closures will be required to deliver the level crossing removal, but we will look to schedule any disruptions at times that will have the least impact.

We welcome feedback from businesses and business groups about the best way to notify you of upcoming disruptions.

Fast Facts

  • Bridge length: 600 metres
  • Clearance height: 5.4 metres
  • Structure height: 8 metres approx.
  • Heaviest beam: 280 tonnes
  • Works start: 2020

Upgrading the Cranbourne line

  • Removing four level crossings
  • Fully duplicating the line
  • Rebuilding Merinda Park Station
  • Allowing for trains every ten minutes

Evans Road bridge design

Using design smarts to protect fauna and flora

Protecting the creek’s ecosystem is a major focus for engineers working through design options for Eumemmerring Creek. We engaged expert ecologists and arborists to identify sensitive plants and animals. Meanwhile our construction team have devised a detailed plan to ensure fauna and fauna are protected during construction.

Did you know?

Eumemmerring Creek is home to the Galaxiella pusilla and the Prototroctes maraena. They’re two freshwater fish known more commonly as the dwarf galaxias and the Australian grayling.

A new bridge at Eumemmering Creek

To fully duplicate the Cranbourne line, we need to build a second bridge over Eumemmerring Creek in Dandenong South.

Engineers and designers have finalised proposed designs for a steel truss bridge that can span over the creek without damaging its vegetation. Measuring around 65 metres long, the bridge will be made of steel and constructed to the west side of the current bridge.

While the new Eumemmerring Creek bridge is designed to be largely assembled on site, many of its parts will be pre-fabricated at an off-site location, reducing the time and space needed for construction.

Engineered to span the width of the creek, the proposed design ensures no foundations or pillars need to be dug into the waterway. The bridge’s structure has been optimised for support and stability, with abutments (supports at each end of the bridge) set back from the top of the creek bank.

The existing rail bridge over the creek will stay as is – there is no need to modify or rebuild it as part of the track duplication works.

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