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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Glenroy Station – precinct design fact sheet

26 Nov 2021

Glenroy Station forecourt with seating, landscaping and parking.

The Victorian Government is removing the level crossing on Glenroy Road and building a new Glenroy Station. The level crossing will be removed by lowering the rail line under Glenroy Road.

The Glenroy Level Crossing Removal Project is delivering new car spaces and changes to some local roads as a part of the Glenroy Station precinct works.


More than 600 car spaces will be available to commuters and shoppers in the Glenroy Station precinct when the project is complete including:

  • 396 spaces on Dowd Place
  • 141 spaces on Hartington Street
  • 66 paces on Station Road.

These areas will feature an enhanced layout with new lighting making it safer for commuters and shoppers.

Of the 600 car spaces, 74 spaces on Dowd Place and 66 spaces on Station Street will be short term, for shoppers and visitors. This is in addition to the existing short term car spaces at Belair Avenue and Pascoe Vale Road. There will be 12 accessible car spaces; 6 in the Hartington Street carpark and 6 in the Dowd Place carpark.

A new feature of the station precinct will be ‘pick up and drop off’ bays. Four dedicated spaces in the Dowd Place carpark and six within the Hartington Street area will help with commuter drop off and pick up.

Permanent Road Changes

There will also be changes to some local roads to improve traffic flow and road and pedestrian safety in the station precinct.

  1. Waterloo Road will become one way between Blucher Street and Glenroy Road. Drivers will turn left from Waterloo Road onto Glenroy Road.
  2. Moving between Dowd Place and Coles car park will be easier, with the addition of a slip lane between the car park and Dowd Place.
  3. A new roundabout at the intersection of Hartington Street and Nelson Street will create a safer environment for buses and cars.
  4. New traffic signals will be installed at the intersection of Glenroy Road, Wheatsheaf Road and Hartington Street.
  5. A new signalised pedestrian crossing from Station Road will make the area safer for pedestrians.
  6. So pedestrians can safely access the new Glenroy Station from Marlborough Street, the signalised pedestrian crossing across Hartington Street will be reinstated.

This map depicts the changes to the Glenroy Station precinct. Details above.

View the PDF version of this document PDF, 277.4 KB.

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