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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Glenroy Road, Glenroy community update – December 2021

13 Dec 2021

Glenroy’s landscaping designs are ready

Hartington Street Linear Park

Hartington Street linear park. Artist impression only. Subject to change.

We’re removing the dangerous and congested level crossing on Glenroy Road and building a new Glenroy Station. The level crossing will be removed by lowering the rail line under the road.

Construction is progressing above and below the ground in Glenroy. Excavation of the trench is now 75% complete while above, the new Glenroy Station is taking shape. The four elevator shafts have been lifted into place and the prefabricated station buildings have been installed on site.

Work will soon begin on the landscaping for the new station precinct, with the centrepiece being a linear park along Hartington Street.

The level crossing will be gone for good and the new station will open in 2022.

Why we’re removing this crossing and building a new station

  • 19,000 vehicles pass through the level crossing each day.
  • The boom gates are down for up to 43% of the morning peak.
  • 4,000 people use Glenroy Station each day.

Landscaping designs

Glenroy Station Western Forecourt

The Glenroy Station western forecourt along Dowd Place. Artist's impression only. Subject to change.

In 2019, the community told us there was a lack of green spaces and vegetation in the area around Glenroy Station.

We listened to the feedback and the landscaping for the new precinct will feature more than 160 trees and approximately 24,000 grasses and shrubs planted throughout the area.

80% of the plant and vegetation species are indigenous to Victoria and reflect the original Western Plains Grasslands that once existed in Glenroy. The use of native plants will help conserve water and create habitats for native and threatened species in the rail corridor.

The majority of planting will take place in autumn and winter 2022 when the milder weather is ideal for planting.

Woody meadows

Woody meadow at Royal Park

Woody Meadow at Royal Park. Credit: University of Melbourne.

A Woody Meadow is a sustainable gardening method. Australian plants are selected for hardiness and drought tolerance along with being high flowering.

Woody Meadow at Birrarung Marr. Credit University of Melbourne

Woody Meadow at Birrarung Marr. Credit: University of Melbourne.

The Woody Meadow is a collaborative project led by the University of Melbourne and is being rolled out across several Level Crossing Removal Projects sites including Glenroy.

Water sensitive design

A key part of developing the landscaping for the Glenroy Station precinct was ensuring the sustainability of the design.

The area will include rain gardens which help manage stormwater run-off and capture water for plants as well as filtering it before it flows into drains.

The design directs water away from footpaths and roads, allowing plants and trees to collect water deeper in the soil creating stronger growth.

Hartington Street linear park

Hartington Street Linear Bus Stop

Dedicated pathways and lighting will feature in designs. Artist's impression only. Subject to change.

A new 230m long linear park along Hartington Street will feature trees, native shrubs and a large lawn area.

Seating, lighting and a drinking fountain will make this area an attractive space for people to visit and relax.

A shared path for pedestrians and bike riders will meander from Glenroy Road, through the park and to the new station.

A new bus interchange will be integrated into the linear park, creating a welcoming area for passengers waiting for the bus or accessing the station.

Go local and support local businesses in Glenroy

We work closely with local businesses to help minimise any impacts and disruptions from our works. We meet regularly with traders ahead of major disruptions and keep them up to date with the progress of the project.

By shopping locally during our works, you too can help support Glenroy businesses.

Laser Magic Car Wash

Car wash owner in front of car wash

2 Hartington Street, Glenroy

0426 199 881

Laser Magic Car Wash is located conveniently between Glenroy Road and Melbourne Avenue.

Owner Mohammed, who arrived in Australia from Pakistan with his family in 2018, prides himself on ensuring customers benefit from the best quality and value for money when it comes to washing the exterior and cleaning the interior of your vehicle.

If you chose to clean your car yourself at one of the four self-serve car wash bays and vacuums or opt for the drive through hands free option, Laser Magic Car Wash is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There’s even a self serve dog wash for your fourlegged friend, so they too can look their shiny best.

Wally’s Barber Shop

Barber in front of barber shop

179 Wheatsheaf Road, Glenroy

0402 026 527

Wally is a well-known barber in Glenroy and has been in Wheatsheaf Road for more than a decade. From Tripoli in Lebanon to Melbourne, Wally has been working as a barber and hairdresser for over 20 years.

Specialising in men’s hairdressing, Wally has an in depth understanding of traditional and contemporary hairstyles. Providing outstanding service, Wally and his team are renowned for the friendly and vibrant atmosphere of his salon.

With plenty of parking off Blucher Street, if you need a quick and professional haircut, come across to Wally’s Barber Shop.

Project timeline


  • Site investigations


  • Community engagement on what’s important to the Glenroy community
  • Design development on the rail under road solution

Mid 2020

  • Community engagement on key defined elements of the design
  • Early works begin

Late 2020

  • Station designs released

Early 2021

  • Major works begin
  • Glenroy ‘Big Dig’ begins

Mid 2021

  • Station precast sections delivered to site
  • New station buildings works begin

Late 2021

  • Construction begins on Hartington Street linear park


  • Level crossing removed
  • New Glenroy Station open

Timeline above subject to change

New Precinct layout

Glenroy Precinct Map

In addition to removing the level crossing and building a new Glenroy Station, we’re making changes to some roads and improving the layout of parking in and around the station precinct.

Permanent road changes

Altering the layout of some local roads will improve traffic flow and safety of pedestrians and motorists. See the changes in the precinct map above.

1. Waterloo Road will become one way between Blucher Street and Glenroy Road. Drivers will turn left from Waterloo Road onto Glenroy Road.

2. Moving between Dowd Place and the Coles car park will be easier, with the addition of a slip lane between the car park and Dowd Place.

3. A new roundabout at the intersection of Hartington Street and Nelson Street will create a safer environment for buses and cars.

4. New traffic signals will be installed at the intersection of Glenroy Road, Wheatsheaf Road and Hartington Street.

5. A new signalised pedestrian crossing from Station Road will make the area safer for pedestrians.

6. So pedestrians can safely access the new Glenroy Station from Marlborough Street, the signalised pedestrian crossing across Hartington Street will be reinstated.

Improved parking

Once complete, there will be more than 600 car spaces available to passengers and shoppers in the Glenroy Station precinct including:

  • 396 on Dowd Place
  • 141 on Hartington Street
  • 66 on Station Road

There will be 74 short term spaces for shoppers and visitors on Dowd Place and 66 short term spaces on Station Road. There will also be 12 accessible car spaces, 6 on either side of the rail line.

These areas will feature an improved layout with new lighting for better safety between drivers and pedestrians. There will also be new drop off and pick up zones, with 4 spaces in Dowd Place and 6 within Hartington Street to provide safer, easier access to the new station.

Station construction update

See how the new Glenroy Station is starting to take shape above the rail trench.

Concrete beam lifted by huge crane

22 huge concrete beams were installed across the trench in June and July. The largest weighed 37 tonnes.

Concrete poured to create the foundations for the station

More than 500 tonnes of concrete was poured on top of the beams to create the foundations for the station.

Four station lift shafts were delivered and fitted out on-site before being craned into place

The four station lift shafts were delivered and fitted out on-site before being craned into place. Each lift shaft is 13.3 metres tall.

Structural steel and prefabricated station buildings installed on site

Since September, structural steel and prefabricated station buildings have been installed on site ahead of the roofing and concrete cladding.

Read the PDF version of this community update (PDF, 1019.9 KB)


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