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Glenroy Road community update – October 2019

16 Oct 2019

Removing the Glenroy Road level crossing

The Victorian Government is getting rid of the dangerous and congested level crossing at Glenroy Road and building a new Glenroy Station. We want to hear how you move in and around the area.

Removing this level crossing will improve safety and travel times for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers and keep traffic moving. It will also make it easier for people to visit local shops, cafes and schools in the area.

Cars waiting at the boomgates at Glenroy Road

We want your thoughts

  • What do you value about the Glenroy Station precinct?
  • How can the project create areas and use spaces for all the community to use?
  • How can we improve connectivity in the area?

See back page for more information about how you can provide feedback and help shape the design for removing the level crossing.

Why we’re removing the level crossing

  • Improve traffic flow

19,000 vehicles travel through the level crossing each weekday.

  • Slash travel times

The boom gates can be down for up to 43% of the morning peak.

  • Improve safety

Removing the level crossing will significantly improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

  • A modern station

A new Glenroy Station will provide modern and safe facilities for the 3,500 people who use the station each day.

What’s been done so far

Each level crossing removal location is unique. We’ve been conducting site and technical investigations to better understand the area.

Our early planning works and investigations indicate lowering the rail line below the road is the most feasible option for Glenroy Road.

Further work to develop the design will consider many elements unique to this site including:

  • the presence of major underground services in the area including fuel, gas and water mains within 1km of the level crossing
  • the local topography and ground conditions
  • minimising the impact on local traders directly adjacent to the rail corridor
  • the long term requirements of other transport modes, including cycling, cars and buses
  • the location of rare Geranium populations in the vicinity of the rail corridor.

Designs ruled out

We have considered a range of options to remove the level crossing at Glenroy Road.

Our investigations and early planning have led us to rule out other designs for removing this level crossing, including:

Road under rail.Road under rail

Lowering Glenroy Road under the rail line

Road over rail.Road over rail

Raising Glenroy Road over the rail line

Rail bridge over road.Rail over road

Raising the rail line over the road

Why rail under road?

  • Avoids underground services

A rail under road design avoids the presence of major underground services in the area, including fuel, gas and water mains.

  • Suits complex topography

In Glenroy, the rail line steeply inclines north, essentially precluding the option of a rail over road design. A rail bridge over Glenroy Road could not be reconnected to the existing tracks and

meet the maximum rail grade requirements.

  • Future improvements to transport network

A rail under road design allows for future improvement works to transport connections in the area and does not preclude options for future level crossing removals north of Glenroy.

Current site constraints

We want to hear from you

As we plan for the removal of the Glenroy Road level crossing, we will be out talking with the community about some of the unique characteristics of the area.

We want to hear how you move around your neighbourhood, how you access and use public transport, and what you’d like to see in and around the new Glenroy Station.

You can share your views with us via our online engagement hub until 5pm Friday 1 November.

Leave your feedback and stay up to date on the project by visiting or keep an eye out for our project team in the local shopping precinct and at Glenroy Station.

There will be further opportunities to learn more about the project and provide feedback as the project progresses.

Project timeline

  • Site investigation
  • Community engagement on what's important to the Glenroy community
  • Design development
  • Further community engagement on defined, negotiable elements of the design
  • Finalise design
  • Works proposed to start
  • Project complete

Please note the timeline above is subject to change.

View the PDF version of this community update PDF, 593.5 KB.

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