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Furlong Main Community Update - April 2016

01 Apr 2016

What's been happening

Thank you for your patience as major works got underway at Furlong Road during the road closure in mid-February.

During this time we:

  • Drilled and poured concrete for 16 foundation piles in preparation of the new lowered rail line.
  • Installed temporary traffic signals on Furlong Road which will be replaced with permanent when we complete the intersection and bridge.
  • Completed road works on Willaton Street to remove the roundabout and traffic islands near Ginifer Station.
  • Created new temporary (eventually permanent) car park on St Albans Road side of Ginifer Station road-side of Ginifer Station.

Willaton Street shops are open for business!

Traders who proudly operate on Willaton Street, St Albans will remain open for business during the closure of Furlong Road (27 March to 18 April) so remember to shop locally. The team will have signage, traffic management and detours in place to ensure people can still access the community shopping precinct. Please contact your local businesses for more information on opening times.

Upcoming disruptions

24 hour works and closure: 27 March to 18 April 2016

Furlong Road level crossing between Willaton Street and St Albans Road will be closed from 10:00pm on Sunday 27 march to 5:00am on Monday 18 April 2016 for our works. Pedestrians will only be able to cross the rail line at Ginifer Station and not Furlong Road during this time.

We will be working 24 hours a day during this closure, including weekend and night work. This will allow us to start work on the Furlong Road Bridge, including installing 12 bridge beams similar to what was done at Main Road in January.

Car park changes at Ginifer and St Albans Stations from march 2016 to mid 2017

To make room for the construction of the new lowered tracks along the rail corridor and station buildings, there will be noticeable changes to car parking from March at both Ginifer and St Albans Stations. Alternative parking options will be provided to train customers. See below for details:

  • Long term closure of Willaton Street car park – 110 car spaces. Alternative parking at St Albans Road car park.
  • West Esplanade car park closure – 61 car spaces will be closed by the end of March which completed the staged closure for the entire car park to allow for excavation works down the corridor. Alternative parking is provided on St Albans Road (near existing station car park), the rear of St Albans Hotel and the rear of Gratz Street, St Albans.
  • New angled car spaces West Esplanade were opened – 28 new permanent car spaces were created.

What's coming up?

October 2016 – put this in your diary! Road closures and buses replace trains

Four weeks of works to reconnect the new train tracks at both Main Road and Furlong Road.

During this time, buses will replace trains on the Sunbury line and road closures will be in place at either Main Road or Furlong Road but never both at the same time. More details will be available closer to the time.

Watch the time-lapse video of the Main Road bridge being built through January on the Level Crossing Removal  Authority YouTube channel.

Keeping the air clean – managing the dust

The Main and Furlong Level Crossing Removal project closely monitors dust levels during construction activities.

With any type of construction - whether it be a house, road, backyard cubbie-house or new train track, dust is often an annoying result. The Level Crossing Removal Project is committed to maintaining air quality by implementing measures to minimise dust produced by project construction activities.

How we minimise dust

Measures we use to minimise dust include: watering earthworks areas and using water carts; planning topsoil stripping and grading on days when wind is low; minimising the time between removing the topsoil and commencing excavation; staging works to minimise exposed areas; limiting speed on and/or using  crushed rock to pave long-term haulage routes; and stabilising and/or covering stockpiles and applying dust suppressants.

How we monitor dust

To track construction dust levels, we use dust deposition monitors. Four of these will be installed at various locations along the rail line, and two monitors for background levels. The project also hosts two Dusttrax continuous air monitors, which have the ability to send us continuous  real  time data for dust, wind speed, wind direction, rain and temperature.

Where does the water come from?

Wherever possible, we will reuse water that is collected onsite. Water use is being monitored to ensure the adequate amount is used to manage dust and also to ensure that water is not wasted. The project will also explore local, safe sources of re-used water such as from local quarries for dust suppression.

If you are concerned about dust on the project, please get in contact with the team.

Community Art Project at St Albans Station

St Albans Station has a more vibrant feel thanks to the combined efforts of Brimbank City Council, Main Road Level Crossing Removal Project and Metro Trains.

A new mural, depicting themes derived from the Chinese Year of the Monkey creating a cohesive cultural experience for the local community.

We engaged Brimbank City Council Youth Services unit who run the Urban Art program, to produce a mural that involved youth engagement and participation.

It was a great opportunity for us to work with the local community to creatively utilise the project site hoarding. The mural is not just visually appealing but also serves as a deterrent to graffiti.

Main Road milestone

The Main Road project team achieved a major milestone, breaking through the ground underneath Main Road in early January and built the bridge to enable the community to continue to use Main Road while we work underneath. The focus is now on excavation works to create the new lowered rail infrastructure. Excavation will be carried out during normal working hours Monday to Friday and on Saturdays from 7:00am to 3:00pm.

West Esplanade station car park, north of Main Road rail crossing, is now closed and customers are encouraged to use car parking at the rear of St Albans Hotel or the temporary car park on St Albans Road. This closure has enabled the team to continue the excavation north along the rail alignment.

What's happening around Main Road

McKechnie Street and Gratz Streets

During March and April drainage works will be carried out at three locations along the eastern side of McKechnie Street and along Gratz Street as part of the rail crossing removal works. Work will be carried out during business hours only and for safety there will be a reduced speed limit of 40km, and traffic controllers in place to assist with traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

St Albans Station Rail Corridor

Earthworks in the rail corridor, both north and south of Main Road will be the focus for the next month. Excavation will be carried out during normal working hours Monday to Friday and on Saturdays from 7:00am to 3:00pm.

In mid-May works will commence on the new station building concourse, including lift shaft, beam installation and concrete pour. This will be closely followed with construction of the new station platforms at the lower level.

Ruth Street

Works on the new pedestrian bridge will commence in May which will include piling, concrete pour, installation of concrete ramps and stairs,  and services works.

Margrave Street

Gas and water services works are underway during normal working hours and will be completed in May. Traffic management will be in place to assist passing traffic when crews need to work across the road.

East Esplanade

Gas, water and telecommunication services works are underway and will continue at various locations from the intersection at Main East and St Albans Road, north up to Winifred Street

Main Road Project Timeline

April 2016

June 2016

October 2016

May 2017

Construction of the new Ruth Street pedestrian bridge begins.

Completion of the station concourse deck structure for the new St Albans Station

Four week closure of the Sunbury line to realign tracks into new cutting. Main Road and Furlong Road closed at varied times to complete road works.

Project complete, including new St Albans Station, new bus interchange facility, new cycling and walking path, landscaping and new station car parks.

Heavy vehicle movements

It is estimated that for both Furlong and Main Road rail crossing removal, trucks will need to transport more than 300,000 tonnes of rock and soil from excavation works in the rail corridor. There will be significant concrete truck movements over the next few months as well as a range of other construction deliveries. Project teams will seek to move trucks carrying excavated material away from construction sites and onto the arterial road network as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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