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Frankston Factsheet: Utilities investigation

06 Sep 2016

Utilities investigations

We are undertaking a range of technical and non-technical investigations, including utilities investigations at each site.

What are utilities investigations and why are they important?

Utilities investigations look in detail at all of the services located around a level crossing removal site, such as electricity, gas and water. The investigation is essential for assessing the potential impacts and risks to these services against different design options and determining whether they will need to be relocated, protected or cannot be moved or interrupted. The investigation also helps us to ensure that critical services continue smoothly during construction and to manage disruption impacts to the community.

How is the investigation carried out?

The investigation begins by identifying the footprint (generally 1 km) around each site that will be affected by the level crossing removal project. We then look at what utilities are located within that area and which authority they are managed by, such as council, Melbourne Water, Telstra, etc. Our utilities services team initially source this information by searching 'Dial Before You Dig', a referral service for information on underground pipes and cables; performing a site inspection; and consulting the utility owner's Geographical Information System (GIS) and records.

To check the records are accurate and to help us locate each service, underground tests are done, including non-destructive digging (NDD) using water and vacuum, pot holing (using vacuum excavators) or ground penetration radar (GPR).

Design options and impact to utilities

Once we have an accurate understanding of the services existing at each site, we then look at different design options and assess the impacts, risks and cost to relocate or protect services against each option.

  • Rail under the road or Road under the rail impacts all services within the footprint. Services that run adjacent to or cross the rail and road reserves will be affected by this design. Utility companies would need to assess their network models and redesign their service feeds to maintain service to customers. All services will be impacted and require relocation.
  • Rail over the road or Road over the rail will reduce the impact on critical services crossing and running adjacent to the rail line and road. These options allow for the design of piers to avoid areas where critical services are located which will reduce construction disruption and risk of services being impacted. Although every attempt will be made to avoid services, there will be a handful of services and assets that may still require relocation.

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