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Frankston Factsheet: Traffic improvements

15 Mar 2018

From Carrum to Seaford we're getting rid of four dangerous level crossings, fixing local road networks and upgrading dangerous intersections.

In Carrum, the new Station Street road bridge across the Patterson River currently under construction will be open to traffic by the end of 2018, making short local trips safer and easier.

We're also extending McLeod Road across the Nepean Highway right through to the beach, improving traffic flow for this major local connection between the Nepean Highway, Frankston Freeway and EastLink.

By reducing congestion in Carrum with the new McLeod Road extension we're able to close the Eel Race Road level crossing, reducing rat-running through local streets making them quieter and safer.

The removal of the Seaford Road level crossing that frustrates drivers every day will mean safer and easier trips in and out of the area for local residents and a less congested connection between the Nepean Highway, Frankston Freeway and EastLink.

Overall, drivers will experience a decrease in travel times through these areas as a result of these improvements.

Image: Aerial artist's impression of Carrum Station and Station Street with cars running under the elevated rail

New Station Street road bridge

  • Construction has started and the new bridge will be open in late 2018.
  • The long-awaited road bridge will improve local trips between Carrum and Bonbeach and allow the closure of the dangerous level crossing at Mascot Avenue, Bonbeach.
  • The new bridge will have two lanes for local traffic, a dedicated bike lane and a shared walking and cycling path.
  • New disability-compliant walking and cycling ramps will connect Station Street to the Patterson River paths, improving access for everyone in the local area.

New McLeod Road connections

  • Removal of boom gates at Station Street means nearly twice the time to move traffic through the area.
  • Provides a safer and more direct connection for the 12,500 vehicles that use this major local connection between the Nepean Highway, Frankston Freeway and EastLink each day.
  • A more direct connection for the majority of vehicles that use the Eel Race Road level crossing to avoid the current congestion hot-spot in Carrum.
  • Traffic signals will be programmed to keep traffic moving through the area, improving traffic flow.
  • Will manage existing traffic volumes from Mascot Avenue, Station Street and Eel Race Road level crossings, and expected future traffic growth in the area.

Eel Race Road level crossing closure

  • Carries a small amount of traffic, with approximately 5,500 vehicles using this each day, with a high number of reported safety incidents over the last 10 years.
  • With the boom gates at Station Street gone and McLeod Road extended to the Nepean Highway and through to the beach, the number of vehicles using the Eel Race Road level crossing would drop significantly.
  • The majority of drivers using this level crossing are avoiding the congestion hot spot in Carrum as they travel between the Nepean Highway and McLeod Road.
  • The closure will reduce rat-running making local streets safer and quieter, particularly for children around Carrum Primary School.

Seaford Road level crossing removal

  • 17,000 vehicles use this major local connection between the Nepean Highway, Frankston Freeway and EastLink each day.
  • Removal will make getting in and out of Seaford easier and safer for local residents.
  • Will provide more reliable travel times for Seaford residents.

Armstrongs Road safety improvements

  • We heard from locals that a small amount of traffic may choose to use Armstrongs Road, Seaford to access the Nepean Highway.
  • To make it safer and help to improve traffic flow, we’ve worked with VicRoads to make improvements to the Armstrongs Road and Nepean Highway intersection that will provide breaks in traffic to assist drivers turning right  on to the Nepean Highway.

Impacts to local travel times

  • Overall, drivers will experience a decrease in travel times as a result of these changes.
  • The majority of McLeod Road drivers will experience up to a 50 per cent decrease in travel time through the new intersections.
  • The small number of drivers that currently use the Eel Race Road level crossing to head south towards Frankston will have about 1.4 kilometres added to their journey by using the new McLeod Road intersection.
  • These drivers can also use Seaford Road where we are removing a level crossing or Armstrongs Road where we are upgrading the Nepean Highway intersection to improve safety.

New walking and cycling path

A new walking and cycling path will be built from the Patterson River through Seaford and onto Frankston.

The path will provide better walking and cycling access between these bayside suburbs, and improve access to paths in surrounding areas.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why do you need to close the Eel Race Road level crossing?
    • All level crossings are dangerous as they create the risk of incidents between drivers, cyclists and pedestrians and metro and freight trains. The Eel Race Road level crossing has had 15 reported safety incidents in the last 10 years, which is the highest number out of the total of 48 reported safety incidents across the four level crossings we’re removing from Carrum to Seaford.

  • How will the improvements impact access for local residents and schools?
    • The road network improvements will reduce the need for drivers to rat-run through local streets to avoid congestion hot-spots on main roads, such as McLeod Road and Seaford Road. This will create safer and quieter streets in residential areas and around local schools. In the four kilometres along the Nepean Highway between Patterson River and Seaford Road, there will be four road connections to ensure residents can travel in and out of local areas with ease. Boom gates removed at McLeod Road and Seaford Road will improve travel times through these areas, and safety upgrades at Armstrongs Road will improve access to the Nepean Highway.

  • What are the safety upgrades to Armstrongs Road?
    • Pedestrian signals across the Nepean Highway near Armstrongs Road will be connected to traffic waiting to exit Armstrongs Road, creating breaks in traffic flow to help drivers safely turn right onto the Nepean Highway.

  • What is the impact of three level crossings replaced with one intersection at McLeod Road?
    • The current congestion problem in Carrum is caused by the dog-leg road network and the boom gates, which are down for 49 minutes during the two-hour morning peak. By removing the boom gates we’ll have almost twice as much time to get traffic through the lights. Directly connecting the two arterial roads – McLeod Road and the Nepean Highway – will significantly reduce congestion and allow traffic to flow more freely through the area.

      We also know from traffic monitoring that the majority of drivers using the Eel Race Road and Mascot Avenue level crossings are doing so to access McLeod Road and are included in traffic counts. Factors like dedicated turning lanes so through-traffic isn’t held up and programming traffic lights at the Station Street and Nepean Highway intersections to be in-sync will all work to keep traffic moving through the area.

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