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Frankston Factsheet: Car park survey

06 Sep 2016

Car park survey

We are undertaking a range of technical and non-technical investigations, including car park surveys.

What is a car park survey and why do we do it?

A car park survey investigates the originating suburbs for each car parked in station car parks. Using this information, we are able to decide on the best area to locate a temporary commuter car park during the construction phase of the project and identify areas available to relocate parking permanently in the final design solution. The aim is to minimise disruption to commuters during and after construction.

To carry out the survey, a small team of our engineers visited a selection of station car parks along the Frankston line, including those at Cheltenham, Mentone, Edithvale, Bonbeach and Carrum. They then manually recorded the number plates of each of the cars stationed at these locations.

By consulting records from VicRoads, the number plates were then matched to their correlating postcodes so the distribution of vehicles in the suburbs surrounding each station car park could be determined.*

With the main postcodes identified, our Geographical Information System (GIS) system can then be used to locate suitable sites to place temporary parking during construction, such as VicTrack areas close to the station.

For more information on the project, please contact the Frankston Project Team on 1800 105 105 or email

*Please note that private address details are not accessed as part of this investigation.

For a high-res version of this publication, please download the Car park survey fact sheet PDF, 403.1 KB

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