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Ferguson Street – Preliminary Design Assessment

10 Mar 2020

The Ferguson Street, Williamstown level crossing is a key east-west link, with about 25,000 vehicles driving over the level crossing and more than 110 trains passing through each weekday. The North Williamstown Station is used by about 1350 passengers each weekday.

Removing this level crossing will make the area safer and easier to get around for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. The level crossing will be removed by 2022.

We investigated potential designs that can be used to remove the Ferguson Street, Williamstown level crossing.

Design A – lower the rail line into a trench and build a new Ferguson Street bridge at the current road level.

Design B – raise the rail line over Ferguson Street and retain the existing road level.

Design C – lower Ferguson Street under the rail line, with the rail line remaining at its current level.

Design D – raise Ferguson Street over the rail line, with the rail line remaining at its current level.

Following a preliminary design assessment, two of these designs – lowering the rail line under the road, or raising the rail line over the road – remain under active consideration.

The remaining two road-based designs are no longer under consideration, due to property acquisition and the impacts to connections for pedestrians, cyclists and road users.

This report provides information on the design options and the factors used when determining the best design option for the Ferguson Street level crossing removal.

If you require assistance in accessing or understanding this report, please contact us at or call 1800 105 105.

Read the Ferguson Street Preliminary Design Assessment PDF, 1.2 MB

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