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Fencing and Landscaping program - Fencing assistance

24 Aug 2018

The Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project is part of the Victorian Government’s broader Level Crossing Removal Project which will see the removal of 50 dangerous level crossings across Melbourne by 2022.

The Caulfield to Dandenong project improves safety and congestion on and around Melbourne’s busiest rail line by removing nine level crossings and rebuilding five stations at Carnegie, Murrumbeena, Hughesdale, Clayton and Noble Park. The project will also complete signalling and power upgrades and has created some 2,000 jobs.

Fencing assistance program

In direct response to feedback received through this consultation process, LXRA is offering fencing assistance for residents with properties that share a boundary with the rail corridor where the new elevated structure has been built.

Installation of fencing will begin in late 2018. Residents and landowners who are eligible or register their interest will be contacted directly regarding their eligibility and the time frames for installation.

Residents and landowners interested in taking part can register their interest by contacting LXRA on 1800 105 105 or emailing


Residents will be able to choose from a range of fencing options including:

  • Metal fencing
  • Metal with lattice top
  • Timber
  • Timber with overlapping slats
  • Pool style
  • Weldmesh
Sample of fencing material 
Weldmesh fencingWeldmesh fencing
Metal Fencing Metal fencing
Metal fencing - Pool style Metal fencing - Pool style
Timber fencing - overlapping slats Timber fencing - overlapping slats

Samples of fencing materials will be available in the Murrumbeena Info Hub at 444 Neerim Road, Murrumbeena.


  • How will the Level Crossing Removal Authority determine eligibility?
    • Fencing and landscaping will be offered to all residential properties that share a boundary with the rail corridor and are located within 50 metres of the new elevated structure.

      The Level Crossing Removal Authority will consider applications for landscaping for residential properties that do not share a boundary with the rail corridor, but have a direct line of site to the new elevated structure with no houses or significant structures between the residential dwelling and the elevated structure.

      The Level Crossing Removal Authority will also consider proximity to the structure in determining eligibility for landscaping assistance.

  • Is there a cut-off date for registration?
    • We encourage people to register their interest with us as early as possible. The project team will be in touch with eligible residents and landowners to let them know of any cut-off date for participation in the fencing program.

  • When will the new fences and landscaping be built/planted?
    • Once residents have confirmed their participation in the fencing program, LXRA contractors will be in touch to arrange a time frame for construction.

      Landscaping options including local shrubs and trees, some of which will grow to a full height of approximately 12 metres, will also be made available to eligible properties in the coming months.

What the community told us

During community consultation for the Caulfield to Dandenong Project, the Level Crossing Removal Authority met with local residents who live next to the rail line to provide information about the proposed designs for the nine level crossing removals and to ask for feedback.

This feedback indicated that a number of residents are interested in details of landscaping and vegetation in the new open spaces that will be created by the proposed designs. Some residents have asked questions about how privacy and security will be maintained after the transformation from inaccessible rail corridor into parkland and shared use paths.

Residents are also keen to know what measures might be available for properties that are close to the new elevated structure. LXRA's Fencing and Landscaping Program aims to help address these concerns as the project nears completion.

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