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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Caulfield to Dandenong Factsheet: Rebuilding Hughesdale Station

25 Sep 2017

The Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project is removing nine level crossings, rebuilding five stations and creating new open spaces on the Cranbourne-Pakenham line.

Hughesdale Station will be rebuilt in a new location west of Poath Road. The new station entry will be located close to the Poath Road shopping precinct, creating convenient access to shops and connections to public transport.

The new station has been designed with safety and convenience in mind. It will be equipped with the following facilities:

  • safer access for passengers changing from bus to train via dedicated bus stops next to the station
  • CCTV cameras, lighting and Protective Services Officer (PSO) facilities
  • escalators, stairs and lifts for improved accessibility and pedestrian flow
  • large sections of covered platform and a waiting room
  • commuter toilets, including accessible and ambulant toilets, and baby change facilities for passenger use during station operation hours
  • new public information displays and hearing loops in waiting areas and on platforms
  • a new Parkiteer (secure bicycle parking cage) and bicycle hoops located close to shared use paths and the station entrance
  • taxi bays, commuter parking including disability permit parking and dedicated drop-off zones.

Artist's impression of the new Hughesdale Station

How has community feedback been incorporated into the design

Changes to the station precinct include:

  • improved lighting and CCTV security
  • reduction in the height of the station canopy by 1.8 metres
  • improved layout of the station precinct at ground level
  • inclusion of escalators.

Station access

The new station will be relocated to the west side of Poath Road to improve pedestrian access to the station, public transport connections and access local shops.

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