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Evans Road, Lyndhurst community update - July 2019

10 Sep 2019

Artist impression only of Evans Road design

Artist's impression only, subject to change.

Works are about to ramp up as we get on with the job of removing the level crossing at Evans Road, one of the last remaining level crossings on the Cranbourne line, with a road bridge.

Evans Road has been closed at the level crossing since 2005, dividing the communities of Lyndhurst, Lynbrook and Cranbourne West, forcing drivers to take lengthy detours.

When Evans Road reopens, it will reconnect communities making it up to four times faster to travel across the rail line to the South Gippsland Highway.

The Evans Road level crossing removal will be complete in 2020 and the Cranbourne line will be level crossing free by 2025.

Site establishment

We’re currently setting up our site compound. This is the first step of any construction project and will ensure that a safe and efficient work environment is created for the local community and construction workers.

We're establishing our site office on leased private land, located on the southern side of the Evans Road level crossing.

All site offices, sheds and equipment lay down areas will be contained in this area. We’ll be situated here for the duration of the project.

Preparing the area

Recently we’ve been in the area to conduct geotechnical investigations, locate services and survey the ground conditions.

We conducted analysis of the existing road conditions. We’ve also tested the soil conditions to make sure we’re building on a solid base.

We’ve located critical underground services, including gas, sewer, phone and water.

Over the coming months, we'll continue to work with providers to relocate underground services before we start major construction.

To prepare the area for the new bridge, we’ll have to remove some trees. We’ll stage the tree removals, with an independent arborist and ecologist on site to ensure it happens smoothly and safely.

Contract award

We’ve recently awarded a contract to an alliance comprising of Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) and Fulton Hogan to oversee the delivery of these works.

These organisations have a strong track record having successfully removed level crossings at Grange Road in Alphington and Lower Plenty Road in Rosanna, as well as duplicating the Hurstbridge line between Rosanna and Heidelberg and building the new Rosanna Station.

Major construction will begin in the coming months, with early works already being undertaken.

Elements of the Evans Road design

Evans Road artist impression explanation map

Artist's impression only, subject to change.

Community input

In March 2019, we unveiled the road bridge design and asked what you would like to see as part of the project. We held local pop-ups, an information session and opened our online engagement hub for comment.

You’ve influenced key components of the project, including aspects of design, landscaping, and safety improvements. Your valuable feedback has resulted in more planting and less retaining wall.

We’re also installing barriers to separate the shared walking and cycling path from the road on the west side of the bridge, to keep help pedestrians and cyclists safe.

We've made sure the project won't rule out any potential road or rail upgrades in the area, which you said was important to you.

Thank you for your comments that have helped shape this important project.

Engagement session at Evans Road

Temporary changes

Access to homes will remain unaffected during construction.

Pedestrian and vehicle access to the Nanaksar Taath Temple will be maintained at all times through the use of existing and temporary tracks.

Access to the temple by car will be maintained through the use of a temporary road connected to Evans Road. Pedestrians will be able to access the temple from Andretti Avenue.

Pedestrians will be able to access the temple from Andretti Avenue. Pedestrians travelling through the area will be redirected onto a temporary path on the west side of Evans Road.

This path has been selected to minimise the distance travelled while keeping pedestrians safe .

Project timeline



Late 2018-Jan 2019

  • Planning and technical investigations
  • Initial planning, site investigations and design   assessments

Early to mid-2019

  • Community engagement
  • Design solution confirmed
  • Engage on key aspects of the‑design

Mid-late 2019

  • Contract award and early works
  • Finalise design
  • Award contract to a construction delivery‑partner
  • Construction commences


  • Delivery
  • Construction completed

*Please note that the timeline above is subject to change

Upcoming works

We’ll work Monday to Saturday, between 7:00am and 7:00pm.

Before major construction begins, we’ll continue to relocate underground services and prepare the area for the upcoming major works. This will include drilling, excavation and cable works.

As with any major construction project, noise and vibration are unavoidable. However, we have a wide range of ways that we can reduce noise and vibration impacts.

We'll make sure to inform you well in advance of any disruptive activities or work outside of our normal hours.

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Construction at Evans Road

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