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What to expect during construction

What to expect during construction

During the construction period for the Edithvale and Bonbeach level crossing removals, there will be disruptions to trains, road closures, and an increase in traffic in the local area. Work is expected to commence in 2019 following planning and environmental approvals.

Traffic management and safety

Your safety is our primary concern once we commence these important construction works. A comprehensive traffic management plan will be developed to ensure any disruptions to travel are communicated and mitigated where possible.

Road closures

During construction, it will be necessary to close lanes or entire sections of road for short periods of time. When lane or road closures are required, traffic management will be put in place, and detours organised. We will provide you with plenty of notice so you can plan your travel.

There may be times during construction where pedestrian access will be closed or restricted to certain areas for safety reasons. Plenty of notice will be given before any changes to pedestrian access are made, and traffic management signage will be in place.


Construction noise will usually occur from 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday and 7am to 1:00pm on Saturdays. To finish works quickly, there will be a period where we are working 24 hours a day for up to six weeks. During this time there will be construction noise at night.

All residents and businesses affected will be notified in advance of construction commencing. Nearby residents may be relocated for the duration of the unavoidable night-time construction period.

During night construction works there can be light spill from site lighting and vehicles moving around the site.

We will be implementing a Construction Management Plan to ensure that light spill is managed appropriately to avoid affecting nearby residents.

Acoustic specialists have measured the existing noise levels for the Environment Effects Statement (EES). We will continue to monitor noise levels throughout construction to ensure they meet EPA guidelines.

Increase in traffic

It is estimated that at the construction peak there will be around 1600 extra vehicles in the area each day. This includes trucks and staff vehicles.

We will work with Kingston City Council to organise ‘lay down’ areas, to store materials for construction and where trucks and other vehicles can be parked when not in use. This will help mitigate impacts to parking and congestion on local roads.

We will also be looking at opportunities to provide alternative parking space for community members and commuters during construction.
Wherever possible, works that impact traffic will be done outside the morning and afternoon peaks.

Buses replace trains

During the construction blitz, where we will be working 24 hours a day for up to six-weeks, buses will replace trains on the Frankston line.

This will increase travel times in some instances, but there will be plenty of notice given before any rail closures, to allow you to plan your trip accordingly.

If you have any difficulties with accessibility, we will work with Public Transport Victoria to ensure you have appropriate transport available to you.

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