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Edithvale, Chelsea and Bonbeach – Stakeholder Liaison Group

14 Jul 2020

About the Stakeholder Liaison Group

The Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG) has been established as a key avenue for community involvement during the Edithvale Chelsea and Bonbeach level crossing removal projects.

SLG members will act as a conduit between the community and the project team by providing local perspectives on the project, particularly in relation to minimising construction impacts on the community.  SLG members were asked to use their networks to share information with the community.

The new members of the SLG were selected to represent a broad range of community views.

SLG Community Representatives:

Jessica Cox

Community member – Edithvale

Olga Donnelly

Community member – Chelsea
Representing Making Chelsea Shine

Tanya Hopmans

Community member – Bonbeach

Heidi Irvine

Community member – Chelsea

Jonathan Leschinski

Community member – Edithvale

Gavan O'Donnell

Representing St Joseph’s Primary School, Chelsea

Peter Parker

Community member – Chelsea
Representing Chelsea Bonbeach Train Station Group

Denise Pilkington

Community member – Edithvale
Representing Kingston Residents Association

Joanne Steele

Community member – Bonbeach

Lloyd Thomas

Representing Bonbeach Life Saving Club

Peter Tripp

Community member – Edithvale
Representing Edithvale CFA

Frank Williams

Community member – Bonbeach

Executive summaries

Edithvale, Chelsea and Bonbeach stakeholder liaison group members.

Meeting Three – 14 July 2020

Due to current health advice, the third SLG meeting was held online via Zoom.

The group was provided an update on current construction activities, including the ongoing relocation of underground power and signalling equipment, utilities works, new project sites being established, and local upcoming disruptions.

The group was also provided an update on the historical items, groundwater management plans, the Aboriginal cultural heritage considerations and the recent communications and community engagement activities.

Key topics of interest for meetings included graffiti management, traffic management and parking during construction, landscaping, pedestrian crossings.

SLG members are encouraged share information from the meeting with their community networks.

For further information on the SLG meeting, please contact your local SLG representative. To request contact details of your local representative, please contact the project team on 1800 105 105 or submit a request via email at

Meeting Two – 26 May 2020

Due to current health advice, the second SLG meeting was held online via Zoom.

The group was provided an overview of the project to date including, vegetation removal, combined service route (CSR) works, utilities relocation and site establishment.

The group was provided additional information on the following key topics:

  • COVID-19 social distancing measures on LXRP construction sites
  • Historical items under investigation
  • How LXRP works with state Government and collaborates with other major infrastructure projects
  • Communication and engagement update.

The group concluded the meeting by expressing further interest in the future landscaping plans, a design update, pedestrian crossings and the Aboriginal cultural heritage considerations.

These topics have been noted and will be discussed with the group in future meetings.

For future detail regarding the SLG meetings, please make contact with your local SLG representatives or the project team by calling 1800 105 105 or emailing us at

Meeting One – 11 February 2020

Following introductions and meeting formalities, the group was given an overview of the project area, from Aspendale Station to Bonbeach, and the project scope – removing five level crossings, closing Lochiel Avenue, building a new road connection at Thames Promenade, three new stations, and rail systems upgrades.

A construction update followed, including the latest on early works:

  • Groundwater monitoring technology is being installed along Station Street and Nepean Highway.
  • Service proving will start soon. This means finding all the different service utilities underground (water, gas, electricity, telecoms, etc.) which we will then relocate.

The group was given an overview of community engagement and project communications, including:

  • Edithvale and Bonbeach Environment Effects Statement community consultation
  • Chelsea Planning Scheme Amendment community consultation
  • How all the station designs are Disability Discrimination Act (1992) compliant
  • What the project has been hearing from the local community.

Key topics of interest for group members included pedestrian crossings, bussing and possible route changes during construction, how the project works with other major infrastructure projects such as the new Mordialloc Freeway project, and opportunities for Chelsea Station to be relocated.

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