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Caulfield to Dandenong Procurement policy

23 May 2017

We are committed to delivering to the Level Crossing Removal Authority procurement that achieves value for money. Our principles, processes and procedures for purchasing goods and services are based on enhancing accountability and transparency of procurement practices.

Our procurement principles:

  • Value for money: is considered throughout the procurement process and includes a range of financial and non-financial factors including but not limited to LXRA's goals and objectives, environmental, social and economic aspects.
  • Fair Competition: operate a secure and fair procurement process so that all prospective suppliers are treated (and seen to be treated), equally and fairly in an open and transparent manner without any bias (or perception of bias).
  • Accountability: based on a consistent approach to procurement in accordance with the Procurement Management Plan. In practice this means that processes are followed, controls are applied, transactions are documented and properly authorised in accordance with the approved Delegation of Authority (DoA).
  • Managing Risk: procurement is planned and carried out in a manner that will protect and enhance our capability to prevent, withstand and recover from failure to supply or interruption to the supply of goods, services and works.
  • Conflict of Interest: ensure that if an employee has a private association or a perceived relationship with a supplier (with whom it is intended to do business) the employee adheres to the Code of Business Conduct guide.
  • Engage with local industry: identify opportunities for local procurement of goods and services and the provisions of apprenticeships and other employment opportunities and diversity to strengthen the local economy.
  • Continual Improvement: seek to encourage suppliers to review and implement initiatives and products (i.e. sustainable materials) that provide LXRA and the State benefits throughout the LXRP program.  Furthermore, regularly reviewing the implementation of this policy and the effectiveness of our processes in achieving these principles.
  • Communication: communicate this policy all employees and subcontractors and ensure they are aware of their responsibilities for procurement.

In delivering the project, we will explore opportunities to demonstrate a positive procurement impact in all our construction activities and through our supply chain.

The Caulfield to Dandenong Alliance fully endorse this policy and is committed to ensuring that it is implemented in line with legislation, regulations and codes of practice, by all employees.

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