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Caulfield to Dandenong Preliminary noise report - Overview of noise impacts

04 May 2016

Executive summary

This report has been prepared to provide an overview of noise considerations on the Level Crossing Removal Project: Caulfield to Dandenong. The proposed design centres on three elevated sections of modern separated rail viaduct. As part of the redevelopment of the rail corridor, rail noise emissions will be required to comply with the Victorian Passenger Rail Infrastructure Noise Policy, 2013 (PRINP). The policy has been developed to guide transport bodies and planning authorities in their consideration of the impacts of rail noise for improved or new passenger rail infrastructure and from changes to land use near existing and planned rail corridors.

The proposed design will alter how noise is generated and propagates throughout the rail corridor and surrounding community. A range of design features will reduce the level of noise being generated, and noise walls will be included within the proposed design to further minimise noise transmission to the surrounding community.

A summary of the potential noise impacts due to design features and the predicted change in noise is presented below:

Design feature Predicted change in noise
New continuously welded rail track 5dB reduction
Direct fix using resilient pads 6dB reduction
New stations 0-5dB reduction
Removal of level crossings 6-8dB reduction
Reduction in horn soundings 3-6dB reduction
Noise wall 5-15dB reduction
Vibration isolation 0-10dB reduction
Change in gradient 4dB reduction to 1dB increase
Elevated structure 0dB increase

The above factors are assumed to act individually. When considered in combination the net increase or decrease will not be equal to the sum of each individual component.

Compared to existing conditions where relevant noise criteria are not applied, the proposed design will achieve full compliance with relevant noise criteria. The proposed design will result in an overall reduction in noise throughout the corridor and surrounding area through the use of considered design measures.

As the design progresses it is recommended that a comprehensive noise assessment is undertaken to understand noise impacts associated with the proposed design and the resulting change in noise emissions to the surrounding community. The assessment should also ensure the proposed design complies with all relevant noise criteria and project requirements.

View the full preliminary noise report PDF, 4.5 MB

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