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Caulfield to Dandenong Factsheet: Building five new stations

01 Nov 2017

Station construction process

The Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project is building five new stations, at Carnegie, Murrumbeena, Hughesdale, Clayton and Noble Park

New station designs have been developed to improve accessibility, safety and connectivity. The new stations are being built to accommodate next-generation high capacity trains which will progressively enter service from mid-2019.

A range of improvements have been made to the station designs following feedback from locals and technical experts including reducing station canopy heights, including escalators and providing more bicycle storage facilities.

Carnegie and Murrumbeena stations

Because of the narrow rail corridor, the elevated structure has been constructed either side of the existing rail line. Construction of the new stations will occur safely above the operational train line.

Clayton and Noble Park stations

At Clayton and Noble Park, the elevated structure has been built to one side of the existing rail line as there is more space in this area. Construction of the new stations will occur to the side of the operational train line.

Hughesdale Station

The new station will be built on the western side of Poath Road. Construction of the new stations will occur safely above the operational train line.

Construction stages

  1. Platforms: The new station island platforms are constructed by placing concrete beams, called hollow core planks, in position between the two sections of elevated structure. The hollow core is then covered in a concrete layer before asphalt and tiles are laid on top.
  2. Service buildings: Some ground level public buildings, such as waiting rooms, are constructed.
  3. Stairs and escalators: Stairs, lift shafts and escalators are built for the stations at Clayton and Noble Park.
    • Temporary stairs: At Carnegie and Murrumbeena stations, where the platform is above the existing rail line, we cannot construct the escalators, lifts and staircase until the existing rail line is no longer in operation.
  4. Canopy: Smaller inner canopies cover stairs and escalators, and other places along the platforms where passengers wait. A larger, outer metal canopy covers the exterior of the stations. Clayton Station will be unique and will only have a long outer canopy.
  5. Finishes and services: Final finishes, such as paving, asphalt, myki ticketing facilities, CCTV and lighting are completed and commissioned. In some cases temporary myki purchasing facilities will be installed.

What happens after the station becomes operational?

At this point the stations will be open to the public and operational, however not yet complete. We will now remove the old rail line and the station structures will be completed. Sections of the station precinct will still be construction zones and will be closed to the public.

The following will be completed:

  • Finish construction of ground-level buildings
  • Installation of escalators, lifts and permanent staircases at Carnegie and Murrumbeena stations
  • Construction of permanent customer service offices at Noble Park and Clayton stations. The new Hughesdale Station will not have a staged opening, it will open as a complete station at the end of 2018.
    • Arrangements will be in place for commuters with access requirements while the stations are being completed.

Key features:

  • Elevated centre island station platforms accessed via lifts, stairs and escalators to improve accessibility and pedestrian flow
  • Large sections of covered platform, including waiting areas, and telephones and water fountains
  • New public information displays and hearing loops in waiting areas and on platforms
  • Security features such as CCTV, cameras, lighting and Protective Services Officer (PSO) facilities
  • Public toilets and baby change facilities for customer use during station opening hours
  • Village plazas and community open spaces beneath the elevated structure
  • Commuter parking, including disability permit parking and a number of ‘kiss-and-ride’ drop-off zones
  • New Parkiteer (secure bicycle parking cages) and bicycle hoops located close to shared use paths and station entrances
  • Intermodal transport hubs with connections to buses and taxis
  • Solar panels and water tanks for stormwater.

Did you know?

  • The hollow core gets its name because the concrete planks are hollow. Inside the planks, tension-cables provide strength to the structure
  • Each hollow core plank weighs about four tonnes
  • The planks are fabricated at a facility at Melton
  • Each platform is 160 metres long, and has been designed to accommodate High Capacity Metro Trains in 2019
  • The canopies are made of varying combinations of metal, high-tech plastic (similar to that used at Southern Cross Station), and timber finishes
  • Canopies are assembled at a facility at Clayton
  • Clayton is unique and will have one main outer canopy that is 60 metres long
  • The canopy is installed 4.5 metre sections.

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