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Caulfield to Dandenong Area 3 Community update - July 2018

26 Jul 2018

What we’ve been doing

All nine dangerous and congested level crossings between Caulfield and Dandenong are gone!

Our winter construction blitz saw the removal of the last four level crossings and the completion of the final section of elevated rail between Caulfield and Dandenong.

We have completed track removal and road resurfacing works at Corrigan, Heatherton and Chandler roads. Noble Park Station is operational as works continue on the brand new station.

Despite the cold weather, our construction team has been moving forward with open space works in Noble Park. Recent works have focused on the newly created open space under the elevated rail line, including the 17km shared use path that is currently under construction. We have also continued work on the new link road that will join Douglas Street with Ian Street—finally bringing both sides of the Noble Park shopping precinct together.

Works on the Heatherton Road activity node are continuing to so that it will be ready in time for the warmer weather. This activity node will include table tennis tables, fitness equipment and a nature play area.

Train pulling into new elevated station along Caulfield to Dandenong

What’s coming up

Big changes are coming to Noble Park in the coming weeks with the opening of the new link road, making driving around the new level crossing free Noble Park even easier.

We will also complete works on the ground level station buildings, and continue construction on the open space activity nodes and shared use path.

Noble Park time capsule

There’s still time to offer your suggestions for the Noble Park Time Capsule. This time capsule provides an opportunity for locals to suggest items that reflect the Noble Park station precinct as it is today. We’re excited to see what you put forward whether it be a nostalgic memory of boom gates, a copy of your Myki card, or a photo of the new station.

The time capsule will be buried later this year and dug up in 2038—twenty years after it was buried.

Please direct your suggestions to our contact centre


This time last year 65 super T beams were installed around the station precinct and between Corrigan Road and Heatherton Road. Work had not even begun on the brand new Noble Park Station. Since that time, we have installed almost 200 super T beams and Noble Park Station has been operational for over five months.

Ope Space works near Ross Reserve, Noble Park

Project timeline

October 2016 Foundation works to strengthen the ground commenced.
December 2016 Noble Park Station design released.
February 2017 First piers installed.
April 2017 First beams installed.
June 2017 Foundation works completed.
July 2017
  • Beams installed over Corrigan Road.
  • Installation of parapets commenced.
September 2017
  • All piers installed.
  • Construction on Noble Park Station platform commenced.
  • Beams installed over Heatherton and Chandler roads.
October 2017
  • 100% of beams installed.
  • Bridge deck over Mile Creek rebuilt.
  • Installation of Noble Park platform completed.
November – December 2017
  • Embankment construction commenced.
  • Laying of elevated rail commenced.
February 2018
  • Commence installation of rail signalling.
  • Noble Park Station operational.
  • Level crossings removed at Corrigan, Heatherton and Chandler roads.
  • Track and signalling complete.
Mid – late 2018
  • Noble Park Station complete.
  • Open space landscaping complete.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian path complete.

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