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Caulfield to Dandenong Area 2 Community Update - April 2018

14 May 2018

Two more level crossings, gone forever

Works are completed to remove dangerous and congested level crossings at Centre and Clayton roads. Clayton Station is now operational as works continue on the brand new station.

A project team has just wrapped up an autumn construction blitz that saw the boom gates removed from Centre and Clayton roads level crossings and the first trains run at Clayton Station.

To minimise disruptions, we open stations to the public as soon as they are operational, even though they are not yet complete. Now, we are working on the finishing touches, including completing the station structures and removing the old rail line.

Part of the station design includes a dedicated bus link, meaning hundreds of commuters – including school students – will no longer have to cross busy Clayton Road to reach the station. Instead, buses will move freely through the station area to drop off and pick up passengers safely.

Works on the new open space have already begun. The old rail infrastructure is being removed, so we can start landscaping. Key features of the parkland include a 17 kilometre walking/cycling path extending from Caulfield to the EastLink Trail, and three recreational areas for the community to enjoy. Additionally, throughout the corridor we will be installing more than 400 brand new car parks and planting more than 30,000 new trees and shrubs.

Removing boom gates forever

Our team removing the boom gates at Clayton Road level crossing

Upcoming disruptions

Thank you for your patience as we continue works. The sooner we get this done, the sooner you will be on your way. Please make sure you plan your journey in advance by using the PTV journey planner.


Buses will replace trains on sections of the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines at different times in late April.

For journey planning and service information, visit or call 1800 800 007.


There may be intermittent traffic changes in April to allow for works to build the elevated rail and new stations.

All dates and times are subject to change.

For further information and updates about traffic changes, visit or call 1800 105 105.

Project Timeline


October 2016

  • Foundation works to strengthen the ground commenced.
  • Removal of Clayton Station

April 2017

  • First piers installed
  • First beams installed

June 2017

  • Foundation works completed
  • Clayton Station design released

July 2017

  • Twin track piers installed at Centre Road
  • Haunches installed

August 2017

  • Installation of parapets commenced
  • Beams installed over Clayton Road

September 2017

  • Construction on Clayton Station
  • Platform commenced

October 2017

  • All piers installed
  • Beams installed over Centre Road

November 2017

  • 100% of beams installed

December 2017

  • Embankment construction started

March 2018

  • 100% of new track laid
  • Commence installation of rail signalling

Early 2018

  • Clayton Station operational
  • Track and signalling complete
  • Clayton and Centre roads level crossings removed

Mid – late 2018

  • Open space landscaping complete
  • Bicycle and pedestrian path complete

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