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Caulfield to Dandenong area 1 Community update – October 2017

01 Oct 2017

Murrumbeena Station reopened

Murrumbeena Station reopened on 2 October. Since June we have made a huge amount of progress at Murrumbeena station, including the installation of 5,500 tonnes of elevated rail deck, which has approximately 17 kilometres of Australian steel cables running through its core.

Hughesdale Station design release

On 25 September 2017 we released the final design for Hughesdale Station. The station will be rebuilt as an elevated railway station on the west side of Poath Road to create better access to shops and public transport.

The final design takes into account feedback from the community, including a reduction in the height of the station canopy and improved layout of the station precinct at ground level.

Major works are underway to remove level crossings at Grange, Koornang, Murrumbeena and Poath roads and rebuild stations at Carnegie, Murrumbeena and Hughesdale.

Migrating north for the spring

Last month, the straddle carrier helped us place the first horizontal span over Murrumbeena Road. This progress brings us one step closer to removing the dangerous and congested level

crossing at Murrumbeena Road, where the boom gates are closed for up to 75 minutes in the two-hour morning peak.

Over the coming month the carrier will continue to travel along the elevated structure, installing up to two spans per day. This super-sized machinery, longer than an Olympic swimming pool, is critical to removing the level crossings where it is too narrow for regular cranes.

As we edge closer to the warmer months, the straddle carrier will travel further north-west, towards Grange Road.

Project timeline


October 2016

Piling (ground strengthening) commenced

January 2017

  • First pier installed between Carnegie and Hughesdale
  • Gantry crane arrives

February 2017

Assembly of two gantry cranes

May 2017

First horizontal span installed by the gantry cranes

June 2017

Platform works commenced

July 2017

  • Straddle carrier arrives to site and is assembled
  • Assembly of two 94-metre support beams

August 2017

Straddle carrier commenced operation

September 2017

Horizontal spans installed across Murrumbeena Road

October – December 2017

  • All piling (ground strengthening) complete
  • All piers installed
  • 50% of horizontal spans installed, including across Koornang Road
  • Carnegie platform works commenced
  • Hughesdale Station demolished

Early – mid 2018

  • Horizontal spans installed across Grange and Poath roads
  • Hughesdale Station platform works commence
  • Commence laying of elevated track
  • Rail signalling installation

Mid – late 2018

  • Track and signalling complete
  • Open space landscaping complete
  • New stations open at Carnegie, Murrumbeena and Hughesdale
  • Bicycle and pedestrian path complete


We’re working hard to minimise disruptions for residents, commuters, local businesses and shoppers wherever possible.

Buses replacing trains

  • Buses will replace trains between Caulfield and Dandenong from 12:30am Saturday 18 November until the last service on Sunday 19 November 2017.
  • Buses will replace trains between Caulfield and Dandenong after 8:00pm on selected nights throughout November.


Carnegie Station closed on 14 October 2017. To enable installation of horizontal spans in the station precinct and across Koornang Road. Train replacement buses are operating.

  • The station will reopen on Monday 20 November.
  • Koornang Road will close at the level crossing for up to eight days in November 201, while spans are being installed over the road.


  • Hughesdale Station closed on 14 October to enable the existing station to be demolished and construction on the new station to begin.Train replacement buses are operating. The rebuilt station will reopen in mid-2018 on the west side of Poath Road.
  • Poath Road will close at the level crossing from 9:00pm Friday 27 October to 4:00am Monday 30 October 2017. Please follow detour signs during this time.

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