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Caulfield to Dandenong area 1 Community update – November 2017

01 Nov 2017

Grange/Koornang/Murrumbeena/Poath roads

Major works are underway to remove level crossings at Grange, Koornang, Murrumbeena and Poath Roads and rebuild stations at Carnegie, Murrumbeena and Hughesdale.

Major milestones reached

The Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project has continued to achieve major milestones, bringing us one step closer to removing the dangerous and congested level crossings.

Hughesdale Station was demolished this month, making way for the team to continue building the structure through the station precinct and across Poath Road. These spans are the first step towards construction of the new Hughesdale Station, which will be rebuilt as an elevated railway station on the west side of Poath Road, creating convenient access to shops and connections to public transport.

Whilst Hughesdale is undergoing a huge transformation, Hughesdale traders are still open for business. Remember to shop local – if you spend over $30 in Hughesdale you’ll go in the running for a prize worth $600! (drawn on 15 December). Elevated rail spans have also been successfully installed across Koornang Road, Carnegie.

These boom gates are down for up to 87 minutes during the two hour morning peak, impacting travel times for thousands of motorists. The project has also started installing screens, which have been designed to protect privacy and minimise noise. Major construction will continue to ramp up over the coming month, with works to build the new stations at Carnegie and Murrumbeena.

Open space design release

The project has released the final designs for the open space. Key features include a linear parkland, a 17 kilometre walking/cycling path which will extend from Caulfield to the East Link Trail, and seven new recreational areas for the community to enjoy. Additionally, we will be planting more than 30,000 new trees and shrubs. The feedback we received from community members, businesses, stakeholders and the Community Open Space Expert Panel played a significant role in the development of the open space design. For more information visit our website.

Straddle carrier reaches halfway

Next month will mark the halfway point for our straddle carrier activities. So far, the super-sized piece of machinery has helped us install more than 45% of elevated rail spans. Be sure to check out this Australian-engineering first in action!


We’re working hard to minimise disruptions for residents, commuters, local businesses and shoppers wherever possible. Buses replacing trains Buses will replace trains between Caulfield and Dandenong from 12.30am Saturday 9 December until the last service on Sunday 10 December. Buses will replace trains between Oakleigh and Dandenong from 12.30am Saturday 16 December until the last service on Sunday 17 December.

Myth Buster


Trucks and buses will not be able to drive under the elevated structure.


The clearance height of the elevated structure as it passes over roads varies from 4.7 to 5.9 metres. This exceeds VicRoads clearance standards. The height limit in Australia for
heavy vehicles is 4.3 metres, unless the vehicle is carrying livestock or automobiles where the limit is 4.6 metres. The height limit for double decker buses is 4.4 metres – all of which can fit under the elevated structure.

Project Timeline

October 2016 Piling (ground strengthening) commenced
January 2017
  • First pier installed between Carnegie and Hughesdale
  • Gantry crane arrives
February 2017 Assembly of two gantry cranes
May 2017 First horizontal span installed by the gantry cranes
June 2017 Platform works commenced
July 2017
  • Straddle carrier arrives to site and is assembled
  • Assembly of two 94-metre support beams
August 2017 Straddle carrier commenced operation
September 2017 Horizontal spans installed across Murrumbeena Road
October 2017 Hughesdale Station demolished
November - December 2017
  • All piling (ground strengthening) complete
  • All piers installed
  • 50 per cent of horizontal spans installed, including across Koornang Road
  • Carnegie platform works commenced
Early - mid 2018
  • Horizontal spans installed across Grange and Poath roads
  • Hughesdale Station platform works commence
  • Commence laying of elevated track
  • Rail signalling installation
Mid - late 2018
  • Track and signalling complete
  • Open space landscaping complete
  • New stations open at Carnegie, Murrumbeena and Hughesdale
  • Bicycle and pedestrian path complete

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