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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Cranbourne Line Upgrade community update – Merinda Park Station, December 2019

11 Dec 2019

Building a better Merinda Park Station

We’re duplicating track and removing level crossings between Cranbourne and Dandenong to allow for trains every ten minutes.

The Cranbourne Line Upgrade also paves the way for a future line extension to Clyde. It’s a key part of a bigger transport plan that will see bigger trains travelling through the new Metro Tunnel. This means a more reliable service with more trains, more often.

Concept designs have been released for Merinda Park Station

As part of the Cranbourne Line Upgrade, Merinda Park Station will be completely rebuilt to allow for the duplicated track. This rebuild also gives us the chance to create a fresh, comfortable facility that’s up to modern standards.

Did you know?

Merinda Park Station is a busy commuter hub. According to the latest 2019 estimates, more than 1000 people touch on at Merinda Park between 6am and 9am each weekday.

Concept design for Merinda Park Station. Artist impression, subject to change.

Merinda Park Station - key features


In response to community feedback, we’ve worked to make access to the platforms more logical, moving the main entrance closer to where most people park.

The concept design sees each platform with its own access point, including a new direct entry from Endeavour Drive. This will vastly improve the commuter experience, both for those walking to the station and those arriving by bus. It also means we can remove the frustrating and unsafe pedestrian level crossing that’s now the only way to cross the rail line from Endeavour Drive.

Parking and drop-off

A generous drop-off and taxi zone will be established close to the station entrance. This is especially important for school and university students who use the station every day.

Faster and safer connection – and no more pedestrian level crossing

The concept design for Merinda Park Station includes a new pedestrian connection under the platforms. Modern and well-lit, the walkway will allow quick and easy movement for commuters and will also benefit pedestrians moving between Cranbourne North and Lyndhurst.


Ramps designed to meet Australian Standards will be installed at each entry point. These will allow smooth access for people with mobility aids, prams and shopping trolleys. The number of accessible parking spaces will be increased to 13.


The concept design also offers better protection from wind and rain. In addition to a semi-enclosed waiting room, the platforms and station entrances will also have canopy shelter.

What we heard

Station passengers told us they wanted:

  • The station entrance moved to the northern end of the platform
  • Better shelter from wind and rain
  • Better connectivity from bus to train
  • Secure bike parking.

Station layout

Station layout

Bike storage

Merinda Park Station will be more bicycle-friendly, with the addition of a secure Parkiteer cage with room for 26 bikes. These bike cages, covered by CCTV, make leaving the car at home a more viable option.

Better displays

New display screens and hearing loops will provide clearer information for passengers, including those with a vision or hearing impairment.

Concept design for Merinda Park Station. Artist impression, subject to change.

Let us know your thoughts

We’re keen to hear your thoughts on:

  • Ease of access to the station platforms
  • Layout of the car park
  • Useability of the station precinct – whether you’re arriving by car, bike, bus or on foot.

To view concept designs and provide feedback, visit the Merinda Park Station project page.

Cranbourne Line Upgrade updates

Track duplication design

By 2023, we’ll have finished laying eight kilometres of new track to fully duplicate the Cranbourne line. The engineering team has been working hard to finalise the proposed design for the duplication, including the location of new track, maintenance paths and signalling equipment.


Drainage is an important part of railway infrastructure design. That’s especially so in areas like Cranbourne or Lyndhurst, which have a high-water table and can be prone to flooding. We have expert hydrologists working as part of the team to address drainage and water run-off issues around the rail corridor.

Reconnecting Lynbrook and Lyndhurst

Thanks to the level crossing removal at Evans Road, Lynbrook residents will soon have a more direct route to Merinda Park Station. Major works are underway to construct a road bridge, which will make it four times faster to travel across the rail line.

Combined with the Hallam Road upgrade, these works will also provide a direct connection between the suburbs of Lynbrook and Lyndhurst.

Duplicated track and future road bridge at Evans Road.

Artist impression, subject to change.

Connecting Lyndhurst to Lynbrook.

Duplicated track and future road bridge at Evans Road. Artist impression, subject to change.

Other projects in your area

Hallam Road Upgrade

Works are well underway on the Hallam Road Upgrade, which will link to the Evans Road level crossing works to reconnect the communities of Lynbrook and Lyndhurst.

The upgrade extends from Ormond Road to South Gippsland Highway, building on the earlier Hallam Road duplication from Pound Road to Ormond Road.

Thompsons Road Upgrade

While major works are complete on the Thompsons Road Upgrade, works are continuing on final asphalting, landscaping and the new walking and cycling pathways. That includes a path linking Tamworth Court with Merinda Park Station, opening up connections between the station and the community.

Powering up the line for more trains, more often

Workers recently switched on a brand new substation near Cranbourne Station, making the most of rail works during September. The substation is designed to power up bigger high capacity metro trains, set to run first on the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines.

It’s also fitted with the latest technology to support not only signalling and power for the track duplication but also future timetabling for the Metro Tunnel.

Project timeline

  • Planning underway at all sites
  • Construction underway at Evans Rd
  • Merinda Park Station works start
  • Track duplication works start
  • Evans Rd works complete
Early 2023
  • Duplication works complete
  • Merinda Park Station fully operational
Early 2025
  • All Cranbourne line level crossings gone for good

*Please note that the timeline above is subject to change.

Map of the Merinda Park Station area.

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