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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Cranbourne Line Upgrade community update – April 2021

29 Apr 2021

Bridge beam installation at Greens Road

Bridge beams installed at Greens Road

The Victorian Government is investing more than $1 billion to duplicate the Cranbourne line, remove three level crossings and build a new Merinda Park Station - improving safety, reducing congestion and allowing for more trains more often. Once complete, the Cranbourne line will be the first to be level crossing free.

Tracking major milestones

We recently hit a major milestone in Dandenong South as we laid the first section of the new duplicated track.

Materials for the track have been locally sourced, with rail sleepers procured from Geelong and ballast from Pakenham.

Beams up at Greens Road

The new rail bridges at Greens Road are taking shape as crews worked around the clock in February and March to install 60 bridge beams.

In the coming weeks, we'll begin to install the approaches to create the sides of the bridges.

Project benefits

  • Trains every 10 minutes at peak times
  • Fewer delays and a more reliable service
  • Increased walking and cycling connections
  • Dedicated tracks in each direction for trains
  • Additional car parking
  • Paving the way for a rail extension to Clyde

Out with the old, in with the new at Merinda Park Station

New platform at Merinda Park Station

The new platform at Merinda Park Station

We're making significant progress at Merinda Park Station and recently opened the new city-bound platform and station building to passengers.

We’re using a staged approach to build the new station to avoid long rail shut-downs for passengers. This allows us to build the station while trains keep running.

There'll be times when we’ll need to disrupt train services for short periods, however we’ll provide advance notice to passengers during these times.

We’ll now demolish the existing platform and station building and lay the second track while we continue works on the pedestrian underpass.

Once complete, the new station will have two platforms to accommodate the duplicated tracks, and will feature a new pedestrian underpass with lifts, ramps and stairs to access the platforms and covered waiting areas.

Major works at Eumemmerring Creek

Major construction will soon begin to install a new steel bridge over Eumemmerring Creek.

Once complete, the duplicated track will sit on the new rail bridge.

We’ll install the bridge using a ‘launching’ construction approach, which involves building the bridge next to the existing rail line and sliding or ‘launching’ it across the creek.

This allows us to install the bridge without impacting wildlife or vegetation in the creek below.

Crews will attach a long structure known as a ‘launching nose’ to the end of the bridge and then run steel cables underneath to gently slide it into position over the creek.

Artist impression of the Eumemmerring Creek bridge being built before 'launching'. Subject to change.

Artist impression of the bridge being built before 'launching'. Subject to change.

A 'hub' of information at Cranbourne Station

Image of the exterior of the information hub at Cranbourne station

Image of interior of the information hub at Cranbourne Station

The new information hub at Cranbourne Station.

You can now learn more about the Cranbourne Line Upgrade while you wait for the train at Cranbourne Station.

An information hub was installed at the station recently to provide information to the community about the project design and its benefits.

The hub has QR codes that link to the website where people can find out more about the project and sign up for regular updates.

The hub is another source of information, targeted at local commuters who may have an interest in learning more about the new upgrades.

Turning insights into action

Image of Marisa Dytor

What’s it like to design a station for a massive project like the Cranbourne Line Upgrade?

Stations Area Engineering Manager Marisa Dytor shares her thoughts.

"We looked at the existing station and thought about how we can improve it," she says, adding that a key issue with the current station is crowding through the key access points.

"What we’ve done is created a station entrance that’s much wider, with stairs, ramps and lifts. It’s also closer to the car park to really encourage that ease of access."

Like any big build, Merinda Park Station presents its share of challenges. The station’s location on a flood plain had

meant a special drainage system was needed to protect against severe weather.

For Marisa a great deal of satisfaction comes with finding the right solutions to make things work. “On big projects, it’s all about understanding these complex situations and designs and the expertise that you need to get through,” she says.

“One of the things that I absolutely love about my job is that after seeing a concept progress over months and months, you actually see it growing and coming out of the ground. And finally seeing how the space is being used.”

Other projects in the area

Laying track along the Cranbourne line

The duplicated track being laid in Dandenong South

South Gippsland Highway, Dandenong South

Major construction is progressing on the new South Gippsland Highway road bridge that will see the level crossing gone for good in 2022.

During a construction blitz in mid-February, we installed 17 bridge beams, weighing 30 tonnes each to form the new South Gippsland Highway road bridge.

View the latest progress photos on our website.

Hallam Road, Hallam

Major construction is underway at Hallam Road to remove the level crossing.

The site has been established and station amenities, including public toilets and the Protective Services Officer (PSO) building, have been relocated to the northern car park.

With the closure of the southern car park, a new temporary car park east of the station, accessed from Hallam Road, is now open.

Over the coming months we’ll be laying the foundations for the rail bridge over Hallam Road.

The Hallam Road level crossing will be removed and the new Hallam Station built in 2022.

Find out more on our website.

Pound Road West Upgrade

Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV) will start works later this year to build a new bridge over the Cranbourne line as part of the Pound Road West Upgrade.

The new bridge will connect Pound Road West and Remington Drive in Dandenong South, improving access in and around the Dandenong South employment hub.

Find out more about the project and sign up for project updates at

Project timeline

  • Construction continues on Merinda Park Station
  • Track duplication works begin
  • Greens Road level crossing removed
  • New Merinda Park Station complete
  • Cranbourne line duplication works open

* Please note that the timeline above is subject to change.

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