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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Construction update – Preston January 2022 works

01 Jan 2022

Back to work in Preston!

Piers and crossheads at Preston City Oval

Piers and crossheads at Preston City Oval

The Preston Level Crossing Removal Project team are looking forward to removing 4 dangerous and congested level crossings in Preston this year.

2021 was an extremely productive year for the project as we saw the new rail bridge come to life between Regent Street and Oakover Road, Preston. Some important milestones were achieved throughout 2021 including:

  • 100 of 232 concrete bridge structures (L-beams) installed
  • All 6 station platform modules installed at Preston Station
  • 73 of 84 bridge piers and crossheads installed
  • 6.8km of 7.5km of underground communications and signalling installed between Clifton Hill and Preston

The Preston Level Crossing Removal Project will return to site on Monday 10 January 2022 after a break - ready to continue construction on the rail bridge.

What to expect

  • Construction activities Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm and Saturdays 7am to 3pm.
  • Overnight deliveries and installation of concrete bridge structures will continue along the rail corridor from mid January 2022.
  • Some night works are required north of Murray Road and south of Bell Street (including Bell Station) from mid January 2022.
  • Lighting at night will be angled away from homes where possible.
  • Some noise, dust and vibration from construction activities.

Works area map

Works starting from mid January 2022:

  • Pier, crosshead and L-beam installation at Murray Road and Clinch Avenue.
  • Preston Station works continue.
  • L-beam installation between Cramer and Bell streets. Signalling and services installation between Emery and Herbert streets.
  • Bell Station works continue.
  • L-beam installation along Railway Place East. Including overnight deliveries of L-beams to site via Bell Street.

Preston site establishment and early works Map

Upcoming works in 2022

As the Project forges ahead to complete the new rail bridge and Bell and Preston stations, the project will reach a number of important milestones throughout 2022.

Project timeline

Early 2022

  • L-beam installation at Clinch Avenue, Edith Street, Donovan Street and Railway Place East

Mid 2022

  • Two week rail closure to commission the new city-bound rail bridge
  • City-bound rail bridge complete
  • Single Line Running: trains will use the newly completed city-bound rail bridge while construction continues on the Mernda-bound bridge and new stations
  • Bell and Preston Stations close for 3 months while construction of the new facilities continues. A shuttle service will operate between Thornbury and Regent for passengers at Bell and Preston

Late 2022

  • Level crossings gone!
  • Two week rail closure to commission the Mernda-bound rail bridge
  • Trains begin to travel on the completed Mernda-bound bridge
  • New Bell and Preston stations complete
  • Work continues on car parks and new open space

Please note that the timeline above is subject to change.

Changes to how you travel

  • Traffic management is in place for the safety of the community and workforce. Follow the signage and instructions from traffic management when travelling around the project area
  • At times, we will temporarily close roads, lanes and occupy parking spaces
  • Impacted residents and traders will be notified of traffic disruptions
  • Due to an increase in construction activity, there will be more truck movements and traffic in the area

Long term traffic changes in place until late 2022

  • Clinch Avenue southbound traffic only between William Street and Murray Road
  • No access to Clinch Avenue from Murray Road
  • No access to William Street laneway from Clinch Avenue
  • Intermittent closures of the Railway Reserve Bike Path
  • Traffic management in place at Preston Station precinct
  • Northern footpath on Cramer Street closed at the rail crossing
  • Edith Street traffic northbound only between Cramer Street and Bruce Street
  • No on-street parking on Edith Street between Cramer Street and Bruce Street
  • Laneway between Garnet Street and Gertrude Street closed detour via High Street
  • Railway Place East southbound only between Esther Street and Oakover Road
  • No on-street parking on Railway Place East between Esther Street and Oakover Road

Single Line Running – mid 2022

Monthly Construction Update January 2022 single line running with Preston and Bell stations closed

Construction in the first half of 2022 will be focused on completing the city-bound rail. The Mernda line cannot be closed for more than 14 consecutive days due to the Epping Maintenance Facility needing to service trains regularly.

The team has had to develop a different construction method to accommodate this constraint. We are calling this Single Line Running.

From mid 2022, the Mernda line will operate on a single track over the newly completed city-bound rail bridge between Thornbury and Regent stations for 3 months. This is so we can keep trains running while we complete the Mernda-bound rail bridge.

Trains will not stop at Bell and Preston stations during this stage. Shuttle buses will transport passengers from Bell and Preston stations to nearby Thornbury and Regent stations.

During this time the Mernda and Hurstbridge lines will run on an altered timetable.

95% of the new Bell and Preston stations will be completed during this time.

For more information

If you have any questions or would like more information about the project, call us on 1800 105 105 or email contact@levelcrossings.vic.gov.au 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sign up for regular project updates. You can also register for SMS updates by texting PRESTON to 0428 581 917.

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