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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Clyde Road, Berwick – Stakeholder Liaison Group

21 Oct 2021

We received overwhelming interest from the Berwick community to join our Clyde Road Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG).

The SLG has been established as a key information sharing avenue between the project and local community during major construction.

Members were selected to represent a broad range of community views and will use their community networks to help share information during works.

The first SLG meeting was held December 2020.

Meeting summaries will be made available on this webpage.

Executive summaries

About the Stakeholder Liaison Group

The Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG) has been established as a key avenue for community involvement during the Clyde Road, Berwick Level Crossing Removal Project.

SLG members will act as a conduit between the community and the project team by providing local perspectives on the project, particularly in relation to minimising construction impacts on the community. SLG members will use their networks to share information with the community.

The new members of the SLG were selected to represent a broad range of community views.

If you want to get in contact with your community representatives, please email

SLG community representatives

Karen Chipperfield Community member
Anthony Dissanayake Casey Residents and Rate Payers Association
Nichole Hayes Community member
Sally Joustra Community member and representing St. John of God Hospital
Gregory Lee Representing Rotary Club
Roger Page Representing Nossal High School
Sue Peterken Community member
Alan Saunders Representing Federation University
Craig Sanderson Representing Berwick CFA
Jarryd Worland Community member

Meeting Six – 21 October 2021

A construction update focussed on:

  • completion of major bridge piling works
  • micro tunnel boring machine relocation of existing gas services concrete retaining wall near Jane Street
  • delivery of 12 steel bridge beams to site
  • opening of the u-turn and signalised pedestrian crossing on Clyde Road
  • development of the Berwick bus interchange and station precinct.

A communications update focussed on:

  • conversations with local businesses
  • development of a trader magazine
  • interactive kiosk on Kangan Drive
  • Community Update distributed in late October
  • community BBQ along Enterprise Avenue (noted interest in working with the Rotary Club)
  • next SLG meeting will be held on site in early December, pending restrictions
  • a presentation to The Combined Probus Club of Berwick will be given in early 2022.

Key topics of interest to the group included:

  • following the construction shutdown, works on site continued with strict COVID safe protocols in place and with no impact to the program
  • new U-turn is fully signalised after receiving approval from Vic Roads
  • traffic modelling at the new bus interchange precinct was completed with PTV and VicRoads
  • group enquired if O’Shea Road would be opened ahead of the major road closure in early 2022
  • 150 temporary parking spaces were noted at Officer Station, with 150 new parking spaces at Beaconsfield Station.

The group shared what they were hearing in the community:

  • the community are seeing the level crossing progress at a good rate and community sentiment is positive.

Meeting Five – 12 August 2021

A construction update focussed on:

  • launch shaft for the tunnel boring machine adjacent to Buchanan Park
  • capping beams constructed between Enterprise Avenue and the level crossing, on either side of Clyde Road
  • ongoing works north of the level crossing include the completion of the remaining piles, relocation of underground services and the modified entrance to 60 Clyde Road
  • upcoming railway occupation from August 13 will mark the completion of bridge piling works
  • early works have begun on the new bus interchange and multi-deck car park.

A communications update focussed on:

  • Nossal High School excursion to Victorian Tunnelling Centre in Holmesglen, Chadstone, in May
  • the May Go Berwick local trader competition received 420 entries, with a total spend of $71,000
  • semi-permanent signs have been installed in the area to promote the businesses within the Enterprise Avenue precinct
  • upcoming activities will include another Go Berwick trader competition, an update to The Combined Probus Club, and a Community Update.
  • the next SLG meeting, which will be planned as a site visit.

The group shared what they were hearing in the community and their key interests, including:

  • COVID restrictions and lockdowns mean the project can fast track some works. With less vehicles in car parks and less commuters, the project has scaled up some works around the Berwick station precinct
  • An increase in congestion around Clyde Road when school returns
  • As part of power relocation, there has been temporary detour of busses down Langmore Lane. While we continue to work in this area, Langmore Lane will remain a ‘no stopping’ zone.
  • The group asked what the new bus interchange and multi-deck precinct will look like. The project will release renders of the station precinct and bus interchange in the next community update.

Meeting Three – 22 April 2021

The group confirmed the meeting agenda including construction/traffic management update, communications update and was notified of guest speaker, Tim Hart, Urban Design.

A construction update focused on:

  • ongoing traffic changes in the area, including Clyde Road reduced to a single northbound lane, between Princess Freeway off-ramp and Jane Street to late 2021 to allow us to safely carry out drainage works
  • relocations including drainage and service relations continue in the area
  • early works commence on new bus interchange in mid 2021
  • piling works recommencing
  • May disruption information.

An urban design update focused on:

  • design to reflect and build on local character including landscape character, planting, geology, colour and texture.  This includes the use of an image of a local fossil within the new road bridge walls and landscape images of Berwick in the aluminium bridge screens
  • ensuring integrated pedestrian connections to key facilities within the broader precinct
  • maximising greening and planting opportunities within the road corridor including the use of low maintenance planting, which is also colourful and drought tolerant.

The communications update focused on how the project is engaging with local businesses and trader initiatives, including:

  • the projects presentation to Berwick Business Group about the project and trader initiatives
  • upcoming Go Berwick shop local competition running in May
  • monthly “shop local” internal prize drawn for March, with a total 177 receipts entered by workers on site and a total spend exceeding $5,500
  • next SLG meeting to include site visit.

The group shared what they were hearing in the community and their key interests, including:

  • monitoring traffic management conditions, and ensuring project works and communications align with other major infrastructure projects in the area, including light sequencing adjustments to facilitate peak demand hours
  • vehicles parking on south side of Longmore Lane and requested the project investigate temporarily closing parking spaces
  • group enquired if any cultural or heritage artifacts located during excavating exercises
  • temporary drop off / kiss and ride areas made available in station car park to ease congestion at station.

Meeting Two – 11 February 2021

The group addressed outstanding actions and confirmed the meeting schedule for 2021, with a mix of online and onsite meetings.

A construction update focused on:

  • ongoing traffic changes in the area, including Clyde Road down to one lane until late 2021 to allow works to progress
  • service relocations including water and power complete
  • week-long construction blitz from 19 to 26 February with piling works around the clock for the new rail bridge
  • piling works for the new road underpass continuing throughout the year
  • February disruptions information.

The communications update focused on how the project is sharing information with the community regarding the February construction blitz, including:

  • Victoria’s Big Build advertising through print, radio, tv and social media
  • LXRP email updates and social media
  • stakeholder meetings with local schools and emergency services
  • joint community engagement with Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) regarding travel changes.

The group shared what they were hearing in the community and their key interests, including:

  • monitoring traffic management conditions to ensure public safety, especially as school and university students return to the area
  • ensuring project works and communications align with other major infrastructure projects in the area, including detour routes to minimise disruptions for the local community. The group noted three major infrastructure projects also underway in the area
  • maintaining effective communications to mitigate construction fatigue within the community.

Meeting One – 10 December 2020

Following introductions and meeting formalities, the group was given an overview of the project area and scope which includes:

  • removing the Clyde Road level crossing by building a road underpass
  • new walking and cycling connections, including a shared use path
  • building a new Berwick Station bus interchange on the south side of the station
  • planting more than 37,000 trees, plants and shrubs in the area.

A construction update followed, providing an overview on:

  • works to relocate services including water, gas, electricity and telecommunications to make way for the new road underpass
  • roadworks along Clyde Road to create a new U-turn and pedestrian crossing at Gibb Street
  • drainage installation on Jane Street
  • major piling works in early 2021
  • disruptions information, available on our website.

The group was given an overview of how we engage with the community and different types project communications, including:

  • works notifications, door knocks, virtual meetings, SMS alerts, social media and community updates
  • trader support, including our Go Local campaign
  • Victoria’s Big Build website with information on road and rail disruptions across the network, including a disruptions calendar.

Key topics of interest from group members included:

  • ensuring emergency vehicles have access along Clyde Road during upcoming road closures and that the project is engaging local health care providers
  • how the project works with other major infrastructure projects in the area to coordinate works and minimise disruptions for the local community.
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