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Caulfield to Dandenong community update - June 2017

01 Jun 2017

Getting on with the job

Construction works continue to remove nine level crossings, build five new stations and create new open space on the Cranbourne—Pakenham line.

The Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project will not only relieve significant traffic congestion, but will allow more trains with increased capacity to run on Melbourne's busiest rail corridor.

The nine level crossings being removed are:

  • Grange Road, Carnegie
  • Koornang Road, Carnegie
  • Murrumbeena Road, Murrumbeena
  • Poath Road, Hughesdale
  • Heatherton Road, Noble Park
  • Corrigan Road, Noble Park
  • Centre Road, Clayton
  • Clayton Road, Clayton
  • Chandler Road, Noble park

This quarterly newsletter provides an overview of key construction milestones and a snapshot of project activities in your local community.

Removing 50 dangerous and congested level crossings will transform the way people live, work and travel across metropolitan Melbourne and improve safety for drivers and pedestrians.

Major construction milestones achieved

Super T beams up in Noble Park and Clayton

In April the first horizontal beams for the elevated railway line were lifted into place in Noble Park. Following this the first beams went up in Clayton in May. The 70-tonne 'Super T' beams, each 30 metres in length, are carefully fixed in place using steel supports with the help of two 200-tonne capacity cranes.

Horizontal 'Super T' beams being lifted into place in Noble Park

Building the elevated rail

In May the gantry cranes began installing the first eight horizontal spans of the elevated rail structure at Murrumbeena Station. Once this section is completed, the cranes will feed the remaining spans into a straddle carrier that will travel between Caulfield and Hughesdale, laying the spans onto the support piers.

Straddle carrier

A straddle carrier will transport the sections of structure and lower them into their final locations. Trains will continue to run while construction occurs to the side of the existing tracks, minimising disruptions to train passengers.

There are a number of important safety processes in place for the operation of the straddle carrier and gantry cranes, these include:

  • wind limits for carrier operations based on both actual and forecast wind
  • two operators will be in control of the straddle carrier at all times, one on each end
  • a sophisticated cable guidance system ensures the carrier moves along a pre-determined route and doesn't deviate from the rail deck
  • spotters at ground level and CCTV cameras will also monitor the straddle carrier when it's in use
  • the straddle carrier will move very slowly (up to a max speed of 2.5 kilometres per hour) when transporting a span.

Artist's impression of the straddle carrier

New station designs finalised

The final design for Carnegie Station was announced in March. The new station will be rebuilt in its current location as an elevated railway station.

Community feedback incorporated into the final design resulted in a number of changes including:

  • a reduction in the height of the station canopy by 1.8 metres
  • addition of a second station entrance/exit point via the car park to improve access and pedestrian flow
  • improved layout of open space below the station platforms
  • inclusion of escalators.

Key architectural elements from the old station buildings – such as the steel canopies and trusses – have been salvaged and stored. We are working to incorporate these elements into the designs for the new station precinct and community open spaces.

Getting ready for bigger trains for a better Melbourne

High Capacity Metro Trains

Enabling works are also continuing throughout 2017 and 2018 to prepare the line for High Capacity Metro Trains. These trains, which will enter service from 2019, will be 20 per cent longer than existing trains, with more space to increase capacity and will be equipped with the latest technology for passenger comfort, accessibility and safety.

Veterans in construction

This year, the Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project became the first major civil infrastructure project to partner with 'Veterans in Construction' as a way to connect with high-quality personnel.

Based on the US 'Helmets to Hard Hats' program, the organisation was co-founded by David Cook and Dan Cairns and offers advice, mentoring, support, camaraderie and connections for the current generation of veterans.

According to Dan, the typical age for veterans re-joining the workforce after active overseas tours is mid to late twenties. For many, finding work – even in fields they are ideally suited to – can be a challenge due to the stigmas often attached to those returning from active service.

For veterans who have completed active duty overseas, employment initiatives like these make the transition back to civilian life just that bit less daunting.

"The physical element and the culture of the experiences the guys have had previously fit well with the construction industry," says Operations Manager Simon Barnes.

Shop local

Our project workforce is encouraged to shop local. We encourage you to support local traders during the construction period.

Make sure you check out these local favourites:

  • David Jones Pharmacy Murrumbeena: "We've been open since 4 July 1916 – that's over a 100 years! Since then we've become known for our competitively priced blood pressure monitors" – Renae Curtis, Employee.
  • Clayton Returned and Services League: "Please support your local RSL by becoming a member, there are $10 memberships available which entitle you to discounts and reciprocal rights at all RSLs" – Committee of Management.
  • Noble Park Charcoal Chicken: "Come down and try our famous Portuguese chicken, tasty burgers and fresh salads" – Nowel Gorgise, Owner.

If you'd like your business to feature please send an email to or call us on 1800 105 105.

Upcoming disruptions

Station closures

Murrumbeena Station will be closed for up to 11 weeks, commencing 17 June 2017.

The closure of the station is to allow assembly and installation of the spans that make up the elevated rail structure next to the station.

During this time, Cranbourne and Pakenham line services will run express through Murrumbeena Station.

Passengers travelling to Murrumbeena Station will be able to catch a train replacement bus from Caulfield Station or Hughesdale Station.

Following the reopening of Murrumbeena Station, Carnegie Station will temporarily close later in 2017.

Hughesdale Station will close later in 2017 so we can remove the Poath Road level crossing, construct elevated tracks and rebuild the station.

Rail disruptions

June to August

Our construction methodology means trains can keep running and roads can remain open the majority of the time as we remove the congested level crossings.

We're working hard to ensure minimum inconvenience to residents, commuters, local businesses and shoppers wherever possible. However, there will be some disruptions with the following rail line closures.

There are also some rail closures required to enable high capacity trains to be able to run.

  • Saturday 17 June until the last service on Sunday 18 June* Buses will replace trains (Caulfield to Dandenong).
  • Thursday 6 July until the last service on Friday 14 July* (HCMT enabling works) Buses will replace trains (Dandenong to Pakenham/Dandenong to Cranbourne).
  • Saturday 22 July until the last service on Sunday 23 July* Buses will replace trains (Caulfield to Dandenong).
  • Sunday 30 July until the last service* Buses will replace trains (Caulfield to Oakleigh).
  • Saturday 26 August until the last service on Sunday 27 August* Buses will replace trains (Caulfield to Westall).

* Dates and locations are subject to change.

Road disruptions

At times, some roads will close as sections of the elevated structure are lifted overhead.

There will be short-term closures of the following roads between June to October:

  • Murrumbeena Road
  • Clayton Road
  • Carinish Road
  • Centre Road
  • Chandler Road
  • Corrigan Road
  • Mons Parade

Electronic message boards will be at locations prior to road closures to notify of upcoming closures. Please visit for up to date information on upcoming road closures.

Noble Park Information Hub now open

The Noble Park Information Hub launched at the end of May. Come past and check out the construction progress in Noble Park. Visitors are able to view an interactive 3D model of Noble Park and the new elevated rail line.

The Hub is open from: Tuesday 9:00am to 12:00pm, Wednesday 3:00pm to 7:00pm and every second Saturday 9:00am to 12:00pm.

Where: Noble Park Station car park, Douglas Street.

Open Space Ideas Hub – join the conversation

  • 215 discussion forum comments
  • 159 ideas on the ideas hub
  • 97 per cent support proposed items for the linear park, open space, bicycle and pedestrian path, signage and lighting.

Community Open Space Expert Panel – Message from Tim Entwisle

Over the past 12 months, I have had the great pleasure, and responsibility, of chairing the Community Open Space Expert Panel (COSEP).

Established in June 2016 the panel has provided a productive forum for discussing creative ideas and challenges associated with the design and delivery of the new 22.5 hectares of open space created below the rail line between Caulfield and Dandenong.

After just the first meeting of COSEP it was clear this forum would provide significant benefits to Victorian communities. Throughout I've been impressed by the level of engagement, enthusiasm and inspiration provided by Panel members. There has been a definite buzz at the meetings, and an acknowledgement  that this is a unique opportunity to improve the local environment and the experiences of those living and working nearby the railway corridor.

A report summarising COSEP's key recommendations and how they have been incorporated into the open space design will be released later this year.

Professor Tim Entwisle – Chair, COSEP Director and Chief Executive Officer, Royal Botanic Gardens.

Key construction milestones


April 2016

Contract awarded for the Caulfield to Dandenong level crossing removals.

August 2016

Major construction commenced.

October 2016

Piling commenced.

January 2017

First pier installed between Carnegie and Hughesdale.

Gantry Crane arrived in Melbourne.

February to May 2017

First pier installed at Clayton and Noble Park.

Cranes commenced lifting beams and deck segments onto support piers at Clayton and Noble Park.

Mid 2017

Carrier system operational between Grange Road and Poath Road – first viaduct span installed.

Piling complete at Carnegie, Murrumbeena and Hughesdale.

Late 2017

Installation of track signalling.


Open space landscaping complete.

New stations open at Carnegie, Murrumbeena, Hughesdale, Clayton and Noble Park.

Rail line operating on elevated structure.

Bicycle and pedestrian path complete.

All level crossings removed.

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