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Caulfield to Dandenong community update - February 2018

13 Apr 2018

Construction works are well underway to remove level crossings, build new stations and create new open space on the Cranbourne – Pakenham line.

The Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project will not only relieve significant traffic congestion, but will allow more trains to run on Melbourne’s busiest rail corridor.

Workers constructing the new elevated rail station along the Caulfield to Dandenong line

The nine level crossings being removed before the end of 2018

Level crossings removed:

  • Corrigan Road, Noble Park
  • Heatherton Road, Noble Park
  • Chandler Road, Noble Park.

Level crossings removal:

in progress:

  • Grange Road, Carnegie
  • Koornang Road, Carnegie
  • Murrumbeena Road, Murrumbeena
  • Poath Road, Hughesdale
  • Clayton Road, Clayton
  • Centre Road, Clayton.

This newsletter provides an overview of key construction milestones and a snapshot of project activities in your local community.

Train pulling into the new elevated rail station at Noble Park

Busiest line bids crossings goodbye

The dangerous and congested level crossings at Corrigan, Heatherton and Chandler roads in Noble Park are now a thing of the past.

Before they were removed, the boom gates at these crossings were down for up to 73 minutes during morning peak periods, impacting over 21,000 motorists who use these roads daily. The removal of these three crossings has also significantly improved the safety of both road and rail users.

The crossings were removed during our summer construction blitz that saw that saw 1860 metres of new track laid and the opening of the brand new Noble Park Station.

“Now that the new station is open and the level crossings are gone you can really see the benefits of the project. Its great to be able to go through Heatherton, Corrigan and Chandler Roads without dreading getting struck at a crossing”.

– Ronaldo, local resident

Sustainable infrastructure

The new rail line and stations being built by the Caulfield to Dandenong Project are designed with sustainability in mind, including features like channelling water from the structure for passive irrigation across the linear parkland, and solar panels at station precincts.

We also incorporate sustainability into our construction processes. We’ve used the equivalent of more than 46 Olympic sized swimming pools worth of cement on the project to date.

Approximately 11 of these 46 pools are made up of fly ash, an industrial waste product which is blended into the concrete mix – meaning less cement is used, unwanted materials are recycled and less energy is used to make the concrete.

Where possible, the project team also collect waste steel from our construction sites and send it away to be reprocessed into products such as reinforcement steel. This is used across the project in the concrete support piers, beams and decks.

To date we have recycled over 1270 tonnes of our own waste and put it back into building the elevated rail between Caulfield and Dandenong.

Spans along the Caulfield to Dandenong line

Community continue to shape open space

Final plans for 11 MCGs worth of open space were unveiled in November, paving the way for Melbourne’s newest park.

Key features of the new linear parkland include a 17 kilometre walking/cycling path which will extend from Caulfield Campus to the East Link Trail, and seven new recreational areas for the community to enjoy.

Additionally, we will be installing more than 400 new car parks and planting more than 30,000 new trees and shrubs.

The feedback we received played a significant role in the development of the open space design.

View the Open Space designs here.

One of the recommendations we heard during consultation was that the new 17 kilometre walking/cycling path, should be named.

We have proposed eight names which reflect the history and location of the shared path, and the communities in which it is located. We want to know which name you prefer.

The proposed names are:

  • Kerrboo onool Trail – words meaning connecting (pronounced kerr-boo-oh-nool)
  • Kerrboo onool Rail Trail
  • Djerring Trail – word for join/ unite (pronounced jer-ring)
  • Djerring Rail Trail
  • Urban Parkland Trail
  • Urban Parkland Rail Trail
  • Eucalyptus Trail
  • Eucalyptus Rail Trail.

Installing driven piles at Noble Park

Victoria's Big Build

Victoria is currently in a transport construction boom with 29 major road and rail projects being built. Victoria's Big Build website provides information about travel disruptions for the major projects. For more information, visit the Big Build website.

Project timeline


October 2016

Piling (ground strengthening) commenced

January 2017

  • First pier installed between Carnegie and Hughesdale
  • Gantry crane arrives

Feb – May 2017

  • First pier installed at Clayton and Noble Park
  • Cranes commence lifting beams and deck segments onto support piers at Clayton and Noble Park

June – Sept 2017

  • Carrier system operational between Murrumbeena Station and Grange Road
  • Piling complete at Carnegie, Murrumbeena, Clayton and Noble Park

Late 2017

  • All piers and beams installed at Noble Park
  • Piling complete Hughesdale


  • Rail laid on elevated deck
  • Ground level buildings installed
  • Retaining walls complete
  • Overhead wiring complete
  • Rail line operating on elevated structure
  • New stations open at Carnegie,Murrumbeena, Hughesdale, Clayton and Noble Park
  • Bicycle and pedestrian path complete
  • Open space landscaping complete
  • All level crossings removed

Piers setting in moulds between Corrigan and Heatherton roads

Your traders are open - Shop local!

Our dedicated trader care team has notched up over 9,200 visits to more than 600 businesses along the Caulfield to Dandenong line, and hosted 25 trader information sessions.

Through these conversations, we have been able to understand the different challenges businesses face on a project of this scale, and how we can best provide support.

The Shop Local campaign is all about encouraging the local community to buy locally. We mail dropped around 43,000 reusable Shop Local bags and local business directories to households late last year to help spread the word. We encourage our hundreds of project workers to shop locally too. Whenever you can, tick off your shopping list locally. Your traders will really appreciate your support!

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Plinths being carefully installed on to of the deck

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