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Carrum major works update - June 2019

04 Jul 2019

What to expect in Carrum

Works are underway to prepare Carrum for the removal of three dangerous and congested level crossings, a new direct connection between McLeod Road and the Nepean Highway through to the beach and the creation  of four new community open spaces.

Since early 2019 we’ve been upgrading rail power and signalling to improve the performance and reliability of train services and upgrading underground services, including gas, water and power.

Carrum Station will be closed from Saturday 6 July until early 2020, so we can continue building the temporary track that will be in use by the end of July. This means we can keep Frankston line trains running through construction.

We’ll get underway with the removal of Carrum Station and the train storage yard in July making way for the rail bridge and a new, modern station.

This factsheet provides key information about what to expect for the next stage  of major works in Carrum.

Fins being installed at Karrum Karrum Bridge

Major stages of construction: Mid 2019 - early 2020

1: Strengthening the ground

From mid 2019 piling works to strengthen the ground for the rail bridge will get underway. Concrete piles will be installed in the ground at about 17 metres deep to support each pier.

This is done with a piling rig which will drill holes in the ground and remove any waste material. A cage is then lowered for the concrete to be poured in.

2: Installing concrete piers

Once pilling works are complete we will begin installing concrete piers that support the rail bridge.

Thirty six pre-cast concrete piers will arrive and be lifted into place by crane. The size of the piers varies, weighing between 30 and 70 tonnes and the tallest reaching six metres in height.

3: Installing concrete beams

When the piers are installed they are connected by concrete beams called u-troughs. The u-troughs get their name because they are shaped like the letter ‘U’ with the train tracks being installed in the troughs.

These are delivered in two 60-tonne sections and are lifted by crane onto the piers. In total there will be 32 u-troughs installed, which are stitched together with concrete and steel.

Across the new McLeod Road extension six 43 metre steel beams will be installed instead of u-troughs. This means we don’t need concrete piers between lanes on the new road extension, improving driver safety and views to the new foreshore park.

4: Laying the rail track

The first step is to install the signal and communications cabling along the beams. These send information about the location of trains to the signal control centre.

Installation of the track is done in three steps. First the ballast is bought in, the sleepers are then placed, and a 160-metre length of rail is laid on top. The rail lengths are welded together creating a continuous track, resulting in a quieter rail line.

Overhead wiring masts and wires are then installed. Each 8-metre mast will be lifted into place by crane along the rail bridge. These masts have been specifically designed for Carrum and are more curved than normal masts to blend in with the overall design and provide better visibility for train drivers.

Major stages of construction

Artist impression of major stages of construction, not to scale.

Building the new Carrum Station

The first stage of works on the new Carrum Station will be to construct the station platform and the lift towers so we can get Carrum Station open. A single platform will run between the rail tracks, from McLeod Road to Walkers Road, with an entrance at each end.

Once the platform and lift towers are in place, ground level station buildings will be built. Final designs will be released in mid-2019, and the new Carrum Station open to passengers in early 2020.

Night works

Night works will be required at times between July 2019 and early 2020, to reduce the length of the Carrum Station closure. Many activities, such as the delivery and lifting of piers and u-troughs, must take place at night due to safety and traffic requirements. We will provide advance notice to impacted residents when these night works will take place.

What’s next

Work on the four new community open spaces including village green and foreshore park will also get underway from early 2020. We'll also continue works on ground level buildings and landscaping at the new Carrum Station.

Carrum Station worksite

Project timeline


Early 2019

  • Relocation of rail communication cables
  • Relocation of services on Station Street and Nepean Highway
  • Ramp on Bonbeach side of Karrum Karrum Bridge open
  • Piling and overhead wiring structures installed for temporary track through Carrum
  • Ramp on Carrum side of Karrum Karrum Bridge open
  • Closure of car park at Carrum Station
  • Station Street level crossing closed

Mid 2019

  • Carrum Station closed and removed
  • Temporary track constructed and operating
  • Carrum train storage removed
  • Start piling (ground strengthening) for the rail bridge

Late 2019

  • Start installation of rail bridge piers
  • Start bridge beam installation
  • New Carrum Station construction begins

Early 2020

  • New Carrum Station opens
  • McLeod Road extension connecting Station Street to the Nepean Highway opens
  • Landscaping works start


  • Can I still access local shops?
    • Yes, pedestrian access will be maintained throughout our works. On-street parking in front of shops is also available on Station Street and the Nepean Highway. Support your favourite local shops while these major works to remove three level crossings and revitalise the area are underway.

  • Will there be rail disruptions to complete these works?
    • Carrum Station will be closed from mid 2019 to early 2020 and shuttle buses will take Carrum passengers to Seaford or Bonbeach stations. The temporary track means there will be minimal disruption to the Frankston line, however some rail closures will be required to complete essential works.

  • Will there be impacts to traffic?
    • Construction activities will mostly be within the site during this stage of works. There will be some impact to roads overnight for the delivery of piers and u-troughs and we will provide advance notice to impacted residents. Station Street and the Nepean Highway have been reduced to 40km/hr between Patterson River and Eel Race Road due to an increased number of vehicles entering and exiting site.

  • When will the new Carrum Station open?
    • The new Carrum Station will open in early 2020 to minimise disruptions to commuters, while we continue works on the Walkers Road entrance, car parks and landscaping.

  • When will works be complete?
    • All works in Carrum will be complete by late 2020, including landscaping works.

  • When will Eel Race Road and Mascot Avenue level crossings close?
    • The Mascot Avenue, Bonbeach, level crossing will help us keep traffic flowing while major works are underway. Both crossings are expected to close in early 2020.

  • Why are night works required?
    • Night works will be required at times between July 2019 and early 2020 to reduce the length of the Carrum Station closure. Activities such as the delivery and lifting of piers and u-troughs must take place at night due to safety and traffic requirements. We will provide advance notice to impacted residents when these night works will take place.

  • What pedestrian access will be available across the rail line?
    • Pedestrians can still cross at the Station Street level crossing until 5 July 2019. On 29 July a temporary pedestrian crossing will open about 70 metres north of the old Station Street level crossing. Between these dates a shuttle bus will be available to provide safe access for pedestrians between Station Street and the Nepean Highway, while we build the temporary pedestrian crossing.

  • How can I stay up to date on the works?
    • Stay informed by signing up to our email updates, following us on Facebook and Twitter @levelcrossings, or by texting ‘Carrum’ to 0429 839 892 to receive project alerts about traffic and construction disruptions. We’ll update our disruptions page regularly during works to keep you informed about what’s happening in your neighbourhood, visit

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