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Carrum major works

14 Feb 2019

Works are underway to prepare Carrum for the removal of three dangerous and congested level crossings, a new direct connection between McLeod Road and the Nepean Highway through to the beach and the creation of 1.2 hectares of new community open spaces.

Before construction of the rail bridge and new Carrum Station can happen, four key steps need to be completed to get the area ready. Since late 2018 we’ve been upgrading power and signalling along the Frankston line that will improve reliability of train services for commuters.

From early 2019 work crews will be relocating underground services such as gas, water and power. A new temporary rail track will be built from the Patterson River to Eel Race Road to help minimise disruptions to commuters. We’ll also be removing the existing Carrum Station and train storage facility which will create space for a new village green and car parking.

This factsheet contains key information about major works stages and associated impacts.

Carrum Station aerial shot

First four major stages in 2019

1 - Upgrading power and signalling

In late 2018 we started work in the rail corridor to upgrade and relocate the existing rail cabling between Eel Race Road and Mascot Avenue. These cables send information about the location of trains to the signal control centre, and these upgrades will make Frankston line services safer and more reliable In Carrum 1.8km of cabling will be upgraded within the rail corridor, through the Carrum Station car park and across the existing Station Street level crossing.

2 - Relocating services

From early 2019 work to relocate underground services such as gas, water and power on either side of the Frankston line have been underway. Along the Nepean Highway power lines will be relocated underground, to allow for the new McLeod Road extension and foreshore park.

Along Station Street service relocations will enable construction of the new temporary track. The majority of these works will be completed using underboring methods, rather than open trenching, resulting in a much smaller work area.

Some night works will be required to minimise the impact of Station Street road closures to local businesses and residents.

3 - Building a temporary track

To help minimise disruption to the Frankston line we’re building a temporary track to keep services running while we construct the rail bridge and new Carrum Station.

Once underground services are relocated, a temporary track will be built from the southern side of the Patterson River to Eel Race Road, running between Station Street and the existing rail line.

This will require the closure of the Carrum Station car park from mid March. Trains will be running along the temporary track until the rail bridge construction is complete in early 2020. Approximately 1,300 tonnes of ballast, 550 tonnes of rail, 29 overhead wiring structures and 3.8km of overhead wires are needed to to construct this track.

4 - Removing Carrum Station and the rail line

When the temporary track is operational, Carrum Station, the existing rail line and the existing train storage area will be removed to to start construction of the new community spaces.

Carrum Station will be closed to commuters in mid 2019. A shuttle bus will operate from Carrum Station to Seaford and Bonbeach stations during the station closure.

A temporary train storage track will be built near Kananook Station to offset the storage removed at Carrum until the Kananook Train Storage Facility is built.

What's next

Once these four stages of work are complete construction of the rail bridge and new Carrum Station will get underway. The first stage will be piling, which strengthens the ground to support the rail bridge.

Later in the year we will start to install concrete piers to support the beams that the trains will run on. In late 2019 we'll also be getting underway with work on the new Carrum Station set to open in early 2020. Work on the new community open spaces including village green and foreshore park will get underway from early 2020.

Project timeline

Early 2019
  • Relocation of rail communication cables
  • Relocation of services on Station Street and Nepean Highway
  • Ramp on Bonbeach side of Karrum Karrum Bridge open
  • Piling and overhead wiring structures installed for temporary track through Carrum
  • Ramp on Carrum side of Karrum Karrum Bridge open
  • Closure of car park at Carrum Station
  • Station Street level crossing closed
Mid 2019
  • Carrum Station closed and removed
  • Temporary track constructed and operating
  • Carrum train storage removed
  • Start piling (ground stabilisation) for the rail bridge
Late 2019
  • Start installation of elevated rail piers
  • Piling completed
  • Pier installation completed
  • Start u-trough installation
  • New Carrum Station construction begins
Early 2020
  • New Carrum Station operational
  • Landscaping works to revitalise Carrum start
  • Why is Carrum Station being closed?
    • Carrum Station needs to be closed and removed so we can build the rail bridge and new Carrum Station. A new, modern and safer Carrum Station will open in early 2020.

  • What arrangements will be in place for passengers during the station closure?
    • Frankston line trains will run express through Carrum Station. A shuttle bus will operate from Carrum Station to Bonbeach and Seaford stations to connect passengers to train services.

  • Why is the Station Street level crossing being closed?
    • Station Street level crossing will be closed to create a large work site from the Patterson River to Eel Race Road. Containing construction to one continuous work site is safer for the local community and enables construction crews to get on with the job. The new Karrum Karrum Bridge allows traffic to use the Mascot Avenue, Bonbeach level crossing.

  • Why is the Carrum Station car park being closed?
    • We need to build a temporary track to keep trains operating during construction. The track runs through the car park at Carrum Station.

  • Will alternative parking be provided?
    • We are currently investigating alternative parking options at neighbouring stations. We will continue to keep commuters updated on parking options.

  • What impact do the service relocations have?
    • There will be minimal impact to services while they are being relocated. A worksite will be established along Station Street temporarily removing the on-street parking. This allows us to maintain two-way traffic while we relocate services and install the train communication cables.

  • Will there be walking and cycling access across the Frankston line?
    • When the Station Street level crossing is closed a new pedestrian crossing will be constructed between Karrum Karrum Bridge and the old Station Street level crossing. The station underpass will remain open until the station closes.

  • When will you close Eel Race Road and Mascot Avenue level crossings?
    • The Eel Race Road and Mascot Avenue level crossings will help us to manage traffic in Carrum while major works are underway. Closure of these crossings is expected in early 2020.

  • Will there be train disruptions?
    • Construction of the temporary track will enable trains to keep running throughout most of construction. A few short rail closures are planned during the first half of 2019 and a slightly longer rail closure will be required when we transition trains to the temporary track in mid-2019.

  • What happens to the existing bus routes during construction?
    • Existing bus services will continue to operate throughout, however the bus stop will need to be moved. Passengers will be kept informed and signs will be in place at affected bus stops.

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