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Carrum Factsheet: Traffic changes

01 Mar 2017

Carrum – March 2017

Traffic changes

The Victorian Government is removing the Station Street and Eel Race Road level crossings, providing the Carrum community with the opportunity to transform and revitalise the Carrum village area.

To remove the Station Street and Eel Race Road level crossings a rail bridge will be built over a McLeod Road extension to the Nepean Highway and both the existing level crossings will be closed.

During community engagement in 2016 we received overwhelming feedback about connecting both sides of Station Street over the Patterson River, and extending McLeod Road through to the Nepean Highway to improve connections and traffic flow.

A new Station Street bridge and McLeod Road extension is now part of the design solution to remove the level crossings at Carrum.

The Level Crossing Removal Authority has completed traffic monitoring and modelling to better understand existing traffic conditions and how traffic flow will change as a result of the design solution, including:

  • extending McLeod Road to the Nepean Highway
  • closing the Station Street and Eel Race Road level crossings
  • building a new road bridge connecting Station Street over Patterson River and closing the Mascot Avenue level crossing at Bonbeach.

In late 2016 we consulted on a long rail bridge and a short rail bridge option. The short rail bridge option has been selected as it will reduce the overall impact on the local community.

Safety improvements

There have been 41 reported safety incidents including near misses across the Station Street, Eel Race Road and Mascot Avenue level crossings in the last 10 years.

Removing these dangerous level crossings will take away the risk of incidents between drivers, cyclists and pedestrians and metro and freight trains.

Traffic improvements

Eel Race Road closure

The Eel Race Road intersection carries a small amount of traffic each day, approximately 5,500 vehicles. It has had a high number of reported safety incidents over the last 10 years.

Once there is a level-crossing free intersection at McLeod Road, the number of cars using Eel Race Road would drop even further, making this dangerous crossing unnecessary for the road network.

McLeod Road extension

McLeod Road is the major local connection between the Nepean Highway, Frankston Freeway and EastLink. It carries 12,000 vehicles per day and congestion in Carrum is made worse by the indirect road link between McLeod Road and the Nepean Highway via the 'dog leg' on Station Street.

The new McLeod Road/Nepean Highway intersection has been designed to improve both safety and traffic flow, including managing traffic that currently uses Eel Race Road, and has capacity for future growth in the area.

Station Street connection over the Patterson River

A large percentage of Station Street traffic moves across the rail line onto the Nepean Highway at the Mascot Avenue level crossing in Bonbeach to cross Patterson River. Traffic then crosses back over the rail line to travel along McLeod Road.

The new Station Street connection will provide safer, more direct and efficient access to Carrum and beyond, along with improving safety and reducing congestion for through traffic on the Nepean Highway.

Traffic route changes

  • Traffic will be able to access the Nepean Highway from McLeod Road and turn in either direction.
  • Traffic on Eel Race Road will use Station Street and go to McLeod Road to access the Nepean Highway.
  • The new Station Street bridge over Patterson River will provide direct access to Bonbeach.
Current traffic routes

Carrum overhead map.

Artist impression. Indicative only. View interactive map.

New traffic routes with closure of Eel Race Rd

Carrum overhead map.

Artist impression. Indicative only. View interactive map.

For a high-res version of this publication, please download the Traffic changes fact sheet PDF, 558.0 KB

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