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Carrum Community Update – March 2017

01 Mar 2017

We're removing level crossings and transforming Carrum Village

The dangerous and congested level crossings at Station Street and Eel Race Road will be removed with a rail bridge over an extended McLeod Road and a new and modern Carrum Station. Station Street will be connected over the Patterson River, the Carrum stabling facility removed and Carrum updated with a revitalisation of the village area.

The changes will make getting around Carrum safer and easier by reducing congestion, improving traffic flow and providing better connections between the beach, local shops, public transport, and the local community.

You will have the opportunity to help develop the concepts for the transformation of Carrum into a modern and vibrant area by sharing your ideas with us. This is your opportunity to help shape how Carrum will look.

The construction of the shorter rail bridge option, closure of Eel Race Road level crossing and removal of the train storage facility will provide the greatest overall benefit to the local community. This revitalisation of the local area will create a more vibrant and a safer place to live, work and travel through.

The connection of Station Street across the Patterson River and extension of McLeod Road will create a more direct road network and improve traffic flow. This means the Eel Race Road and Mascot Avenue level crossings can be closed, reducing congestion and improving safety in the area.

Artist render of Carrum Station

Artist's impression only

Transforming Carrum: village revitalisation program

A new Carrum village square, a new station, areas to eat, meet and play, new walking and cycling paths—you have the opportunity to help shape the new Carrum.

From mid-2017 we will be working with the local community to develop the urban design for the local area.

Community workshops will be held to gather ideas on what you would like to see included in the designs and will focus on the look and feel of:

  • Carrum Station
  • Station Street bridge
  • Carrum village square
  • rail bridge
  • pedestrian crossings
  • local connections and paths
  • streetscapes
  • landscaping.

The design solution

In late 2016 we consulted on a long rail bridge and a short rail bridge option. The short rail bridge option has been selected as it will reduce the overall impact on the local community.

The Carrum level crossing removals are very complex due to the short distances between Patterson River, McLeod Road and the Eel Race Road level crossing.

During 2016 we conducted technical and environmental investigations in to several options and gathered community feedback to help get to the design solution.

A rail under road design is not possible in Carrum due to:

  • the distance between the Patterson River and McLeod Road is not long enough to provide train clearance under the road and return to ground level before the Patterson River rail bridge at an incline that would allow trains to run safely
  • a steeper incline would not meet metro and freight rail standards for safe operation
  • changes to the Patterson River rail bridge would require a closure of the Frankston line for up to six months, which is not feasible for commuters or freight operators
  • lowering the Patterson River rail bridge would impact boat access
  • moving the McLeod Road connection further south would increase congestion, reduce traffic flow and move the station 350 metres south away from shops and services.

Artist render of Eel Race Road

Artist's impression only

Benefits of the design

  • Mascot Avenue, Bonbeach level crossing closed.
  • The Station Street bridge over Patterson River will link the Carrum and Bonbeach communities, provide safer and more direct travel for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers and help boost business through improved access to local shops.
  • A new Carrum village square will improve connections between the beach, local shops, public transport and residential areas. We will also upgrade Old Post Office Lane to make getting to the beach easier.
  • The McLeod Road extension will provide a new road connection for a more direct road network that will reduce congestion, improve traffic flow and provide better access.
  • A modern and new Carrum Station with entrances at McLeod Road and Walkers Road will provide better and safer access to trains and buses from all areas.
  • The new road network means we can close the Eel Race Road level crossing resulting in a shorter rail bridge that will reduce the overall impact on the local community.
  • A modern pedestrian underpass at Eel Race Road will allow people to cross under the rail line providing safe passage between the Nepean Highway and Station Street.
  • New walking and cycling paths and new pedestrian crossings across the Nepean Highway will make it safer and easier to get around Carrum. Signals at road level crossings will be optimised to create efficient traffic flow along the busy Nepean Highway.
  • Upgrades to parking near the station and along the roads will make it safer and easier access the beach, local shops and public transport.
  • Planting along the Nepean Highway and Station Street will create a boulevard look and feel providing shade and greenery.

What we heard

We undertook extensive consultation on the design options late last year, with almost 250 people providing detailed feedback about what they would like to see in Carrum.

  • Integrating the rail bridge with Carrum's beachside location is a key concern for the community.
  • There was a strong desire for Station Street to be linked across the Patterson River.
  • There was a strong desire for more consideration to be given to a rail trench option, which is not feasible at this location.
  • There was a strong desire for the Carrum train storage facility to be relocated.
  • The beach is a highly valued part of living in Carrum and safe and convenient access is important.
  • There was an even level of support for closing the Eel Race Road level crossing versus keeping it open with a longer rail bridge.
  • Locals are concerned about disruption during construction.

Why we are removing these crossings


  • There have been 41 reported safety incidents across Station Street, Eel Race Road and Mascot Avenue level crossings in the last 10 years. The Eel Race Road level crossing has a high number of reported safety incidents.
  • The level crossings are barriers to safe and convenient access to the things that are important in Carrum including the beach, local shops, public transport, schools, childcare centres and local clubs.
  • Dangerous pedestrian and driver behaviour takes place as people try to beat the boomgates, especially during peak times.
  • Removing these dangerous level crossings will eliminate the risk of incidents between drivers, cyclists and pedestrians and metro and freight trains.


  • Boom gates are down at the Station Street crossing for up to 49 minutes during the two hour morning peak.
  • Throughout the day an average of 210 train services disrupt almost 12,000 vehicles that use the crossing daily.
  • Congestion is increased by the indirect road network that requires traffic to snake across the Frankston line between the Nepean Highway and McLeod Road.
  • The rail bridge will allow for a more direct road network that will reduce travel times and improve traffic flow for local and through traffic, meaning no more long waits at the boom gates.



2016 Initial investigations and identifying potential design options
Presented design options
Early 2017 Announce design solution
Mid-late 2017 Community workshops to hear your ideas for the Carrum revitalisation
Tender process to choose a company to build the project
2018 Construction starts

Where to from here?

Mobile Information Hub

Our mobile information hub will be in Carrum, at the Station car park, to answer your questions on the project on the following days:

  • Wednesday 8 March to Thursday 9 March between 3:30pm and 7:30pm.
  • Friday 10 March to Saturday 11 March between 10:00am and 2:00pm.
  • Monday 27 March, 3:30pm to 7:30pm.
  • Tuesday 28 March, 7:00am to 11:00am.
  • Thursday 30 March, 3:30pm to 7:30pm.
  • Friday 31 March to Saturday 1 April between 10:00am and 2:00pm.

Community design workshops

Community workshops will be held mid-2017 to get your ideas on how you want Carrum to look. We will provide more information on these workshops in the coming months.


We will be putting the project out to tender to seek a construction partner with construction expected to start on the Patterson River bridge in 2018.

We will keep the community up to date with project progress and expected disruptions in the lead-up to and throughout construction.

Further details

Further details are available at Station Street and Eel Race Road.

View the PDF print version of this community update PDF, 3.7 MB

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