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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Carrum and Seaford sustainability factsheet

15 Dec 2020

Reuse of materials

We’ve reused around 10,500 tonnes of recycled ballast at the new Kananook Train Storage Facility, originally used for Carrum and Seaford level crossing removal works. This has reduced our reliance on raw materials and the energy required to mine and transport these materials.

Trees and vegetation

We’ve retained the much-loved Carrum Station palm tree, banksia and Norfolk Island pine tree. These trees are now key features of Carrum Station and the new foreshore park.

Renewable energy

We’ve worked with social enterprise Bunjil Energy to install solar panels at the Kananook signal control centre, reducing peak energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while supporting the local community.

Reducing waste and water

We‘ve diverted over 90 per cent of our construction waste from landfill through reusing material at other sites and over 60 per cent of our office waste through recycling initiatives.

By installing rainwater tanks and using non-potable water for toilets and construction works in Carrum, Seaford and Kananook, we’ve saved almost 950,000 litres of clean water.

Cultural awareness

We helped establish the Victorian Aboriginal Advisory Council, which has been recognised as a Victorian first innovation by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia. The Council has helped to drive and shape several community projects, including the Urban Marker and Yarning Circle at Carrum, that celebrate Aboriginal cultural heritage. We worked with Traditional Owners to design the Yarning Circle and Urban Marker at Patterson River in Carrum.

Community inclusion

Across the Carrum and Seaford level crossing removal projects, we have invested over $3 million in organisations that improve communities by providing employment and training to disadvantaged groups.

Green Star rating

We have successfully achieved a five-star Green Star design rating by incorporating sustainable design principles in designing Carrum Station. Awarded by Green Building Council Australia, this certification represents Australian excellence in sustainable building design.

Read more about our sustainability policy.

Yarning Circle and Urban Marker at Patterson River in Carrum

We worked with Traditional Owners to design the Yarning Circle and Urban Marker at Patterson River in Carrum.

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