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Cardinia Road, Pakenham – managing the environment fact sheet

01 Oct 2019

Works will soon begin as we get on with the job of removing the level crossing at Cardinia Road, by building a road bridge.

The Cardinia Road Level Crossing Removal Project is committed to minimising and managing impacts to local wildlife and protecting the environment.

Tree leaves in the sunshine

Our commitment

We carefully consider sustainability and our impact on the environment during the design and construction of our projects.

During construction, environmental management measures set by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria will apply to the project.

Additionally, the project will be assessed using the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia’s rating tool, which independently reviews and scores infrastructure projects in categories such as energy, waste and innovation.

Flora and Fauna

What planting we'll do

As part of the design, we will be planting on the sloped batters of the road bridge and around the pedestrian and cyclist paths.

What we'll be planting

We'll try and use native plants where possible. Native plants are best suited to the local environment. Native plants require less watering and are better suited to our hot climate. They also provide year round shade and foliage. Water sensitive landscaping will be used in the drainage design to improve the quality of water entering the drainage corridor.

How we'll manage and minimise impacts to Cardinia wetlands

The project will manage all potential construction impacts to ensure the wetlands are not impacted. We will separate construction works from the wetlands using environmental controls, such as sediment fences. This is guided by our Construction Environment Management Plan, which all site employees must adhere to.

How we'll manage impacts to wildlife

The project will not have any significant impacts on local habitats, species or flora or fauna.

What we'll be doing to help the environment

We're dedicated to reducing emissions, saving energy and using recycled and sustainable materials. We’ll have a team dedicated to managing our environmental and sustainable practices.

We survey all vegetation in the project area. In doing this, we can evaluate whether removing vegetation will have any ongoing impacts to the local environment. Some small trees will need to be removed as part of the project. We will not need to remove any large trees or significant vegetation.

Artist impression of Cardinia Road removal. Subject to change.

Culture and heritage

The Level Crossing Removal Project acknowledges and respects the Traditional Owners of the land, past, present and future.

Maintaining Pakenham and Officer’s cultural integrity is important to the project, that’s why the Cardinia Road Level Crossing Removal Project has undertaken comprehensive cultural heritage assessments.

Cultural and heritage assessments

The heritage investigations for the project included a comprehensive review of background information and advice from heritage advisers. These assessments determined that no sites of Indigenous cultural significance will be impacted by the project.

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