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Cardinia Road Pakenham – construction impacts fact sheet

01 Oct 2019

Works are ramping up as we get on with the job of removing the Cardinia Road, Pakenham level crossing. A new road bridge has been fast-tracked for construction, with the level crossing to be gone by 2021. Construction of the project is managed in accordance with an Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

An EMP is a strategy to help the project manage impacts during construction. It guides project decision-making and helps to reduce construction impacts on the community and environment.

A train crossing through Cardinia Road

Construction vibration

During construction, earth-moving machinery such as excavators may cause small amounts of vibration. While vibration can be noticeable, all construction activities have been carefully planned to ensure the safety of the community and to avoid damage to property.

Construction noise monitoring

During construction, we actively monitor noise and vibration levels to make sure they are within the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) noise control guidelines.

To learn more about these guidelines, visit

What to expect during construction

Regular communication

We will provide regular updates ahead of time, so residents, businesses, commuters and visitors are always aware of any traffic and parking changes in the area.

Temporary traffic changes

We’re building a temporary road on the eastern side of Cardinia Road to allow traffic to move through the area with minimal disruption during construction.

Traffic management will be in place to help guide you safely.

At times we'll need to close the road during construction. Road closures will be scheduled during off peak times where possible, such as weekends and nights to ensure minimal traffic disruptions. Advanced notice will be given and there will be detours and traffic management in place to help guide you safely.

Some temporary closures to pedestrian paths will occur, however access to Cardinia Station and the Village Way shops will always be maintained.

Rail disruptions

As construction progresses, there will be temporary weekend disruptions to the Pakenham line. Buses will replace trains while essential works take place, such as lifting in bridge beams over the rail line and removing the boom gates.

How we reduce noise and vibration

  • monitor noise and vibration during construction as per Victorian EPA noise control guidelines
  • work within approved construction times - Monday to Saturday, between 7.00am and 7.00pm, with occasional night works
  • use quieter reversing alarms on our vehicles and machines
  • keep our machines in good working order

How we reduce dust

If you live near the construction area, you may notice some dust or dirt while works are on, particularly on windy days.

We use a range of measures to minimise the amount of dust generated and to keep the air clean, including:

  • planning earthworks on less windy days
  • staging work to minimise the areas exposed to wind
  • spraying exposed areas with water, especially on hot and windy days
  • covering truck loads
  • reducing the speed of construction vehicles
  • monitoring air quality to ensure all construction activities comply with Victorian guidelines.

To keep an eye on dust levels close to the project area we use dust monitors. These are installed next to our work site and help manage dust by monitoring air quality at regular intervals.

The main sources of noise, vibration and dust on the project are likely to be:

  • piling works
  • soil compaction
  • excavation works
  • heavy machinery, generators and power tools

Construction workers

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