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Cardinia Road, Pakenham community update - October 2019

01 Oct 2019

The removal of the dangerous and congested level crossing at Cardinia Road is a step closer with a contract awarded and works to begin soon.

The Cardinia Road level crossing is fast tracked for removal and will be complete by 2021.

An alliance comprising Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) and Fulton Hogan will oversee the delivery of these works. These organisations have been recently awarded a contract to remove the Evans Road, Lyndhurst level crossing.

The boom gates at Cardinia Road are down for approximately a third of the morning peak- impacting over 23,000 vehicles travelling through the crossing each day.

Removing this level crossing will mean improved traffic flow, the opportunity for more train services in the future and improved safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

Artist impression of Cardinia Road removal. Subject to change.

Improving the Pakenham line

The Pakenham Line is one of Victoria’s longest and busiest rail lines, with Metro Trains Melbourne, V/Line trains and freight trains all using the corridor.

The Victorian Government is investing over $15 Billion on projects to run more trains on the Pakenham line.

These projects include:

  • Metro Tunnel Project – more trains more often on the Pakenham line
  • Removing 17 level crossings, with 9 already gone
  • 65 new high capacity trains, which will start running on the Pakenham and Cranbourne lines first
  • A brand-new Pakenham Super Station, with more car parks and bus connections
  • A third track through Pakenham to help both regional and metro trains run more often
  • Increased power and signalling to run more trains

These projects will create room for 121,000 extra peak passengers every week on the Pakenham line.

Travel times will be slashed by up to 50 minutes a day with the removal of level crossings and the introduction of the Metro Tunnel.

Removing the Cardinia Road Level Crossing will:

  • Improve safety for road users
  • Create safer walking and cycling connections
  • Ease congestion and reduce travel times
  • Make it easier for people to move around the area

Managing the environment

We carefully consider sustainability and our impact on the environment during the design and construction of our projects.

We'll aim to use native and indigenous plant species when we undertake landscaping, and we'll also increase biodiversity where possible.

We'll make sure to give preference to native and indigenous species with low water needs.

Water sensitive landscaping will be used in the drainage design to improve the quality of water entering the drainage corridor.

To find out more about what we’re doing to protect and maintain the environment, check out our environment factsheet online.

Preparing the area

Recently we’ve been in the area to locate underground services and get a better understanding of ground and road conditions.

We’ve also tested the soil conditions to make sure we’re building on a solid base.

Over the coming months, we’ll continue to work with the necessary service providers to relocate underground services before we start major construction. The community will be given advance notice of any disruptions or out of hours work.

Site establishment

We're setting up our site compound.

This is the first step of any construction project and will ensure that a safe and efficient work environment is created for the local community and construction workers.

We’ll establish a site office adjacent to the southern carpark at Cardinia Station, with worker access points off Village Way.

All site offices, sheds and equipment laydown areas will be contained in this area and will be here for the duration of the project.

Map of the Cardinia Road, Pakenham works site

Temporary changes

We’re building a temporary road on the eastern side of Cardinia Road to allow traffic to move through the area with minimal disruption during construction.

Traffic management will be in place to help guide you safely.

Access to homes and businesses will remain unaffected during construction.

Pedestrian access to Cardinia Station and Village Way shops will be maintained using existing and temporary paths.

Upcoming works

Before major construction begins later this year, we'll continue to prepare the area for the upcoming major works.

We'll work Monday to Saturday between 7:00am – 7:00pm, with occasional night works to establish our site office, commence underground service relocation, minor excavation works and the construction of a temporary road for the community to use while we construct the road bridge.

As with any major construction project, noise and vibration are unavoidable. However, we have a wide range of ways to reduce noise and vibration impacts, and we’ll inform you well in advance of any disruptive or out-of-hours work.

You can find out more about how we manage construction impacts here.

Cardinia Road design solution. Artist impression only. Subject to change.

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Project timeline

Late 2018 - early 2019
  • Planning technical investigations
  • Initial planning, site investigations and design assessments
Early - mid 2019
  • Design solution confirmed
  • Community engagement
  • Engage on key aspects of the design
Mid - late 2019
  • Contract award and early works
  • Finalise detailed design
  • Construction commences
  • Construction delivery continues
  • Construction completed

* Please note that the timeline above is subject to change.

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