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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Camms Road, Cranbourne community update – July 2021

09 Jul 2021

The new Camms Road bridge spanning over Fairfield Street and the Cranbourne line. Artist impression only, subject to change.

Artist impression only, subject to change.

The Victorian Government is investing more than $1 billion to duplicate the Cranbourne line, remove four level crossings including Camms Road and build a new Merinda Park Station – improving safety, reducing congestion and allowing for more trains more often.

We're removing the Camms Road level crossing by building a new road bridge over the rail line. This is one of the last level crossings to go on the busy Cranbourne line. Building a new road bridge will free up traffic for the 12,000 vehicles that pass through the crossing each day. These upgrades will allow for trains to run every 10 minutes on the Cranbourne line.

The level crossing will be gone for good by 2024 - one year ahead of schedule. We've already removed 12 level crossings on the Cranbourne line, including Evans Rd, Thompsons Road, Abbotts Road and all nine between Caulfield and Dandenong.

The Victorian Government is also delivering 400 new and upgraded car parking spaces at Cranbourne Station as part of the Car Parks for Commuters Program. The new car park will feature improved CCTV and lighting as well as more bicycle parking facilities.

Construction will start in 2022.

Why the level crossing needs to go

  • 12,000 vehicles pass through the level crossings each day
  • Boom gates down for 12 per cent of the morning peak
  • 137 trains travel through the crossing during the morning peak
  • Around 2,700 passengers use Cranbourne Station each week

Each level crossing has its own set of characteristics to consider when preparing to remove it. Technical, environmental and community factors all contribute to the design process and have identified a road bridge as the best fit for the local area.

While we try hard to avoid property acquisition, we'll need some privately owned land to build the new road bridge.We have been in touch with all impacted property owners and will work closely with them during the process.

Why a road bridge is the best design for Camms Road

Throughout the design and development of the Camms Road level crossing removal we looked at a range of road and rail solutions and assessed the benefits to the local community and wider transport networks.

A road bridge allows for

  • Less impact on train services: many of the city's trains are parked overnight and maintained at the Cranbourne stabling yard. Other solutions would have required the relocation of the stabling yards during construction, leading to huge disruptions for passengers on the city's busiest train line and forced a reduction in services right across Melbourne's train network.
  • Future proofing: a road bridge does the best job of future proofing the area for possible transport upgrades including on the Cranbourne line and to Cranbourne Station, as well a rail extension to Clyde, which is currently in planning. Building a rail trench or rail bridge would impact the ability for these to be delivered.
  • Improved local connections: a road bridge will ensure surrounding streets and paths are better connected, including Fairfield Street, which provides access for eight bus routes to Cranbourne Station each day.
  • Urban design improvements: the road bridge provides the opportunity to enhance the local area, through community input into design elements of the road bridge structure and landscaping around the site.

We'll complete further site investigations and studies to refine the technical aspects of the new road bridge.

Over the next few months, you may notice some machinery and workers in the area while this is happening.

We’ll provide notice to nearby residents prior to any site investigations.

Designs that were ruled out

The following design options were assessed and ruled out because they are not the best fit for the local area.

Rail under road

Lowering the rail line under the road would:

  • take longer to build, with significant disruptions to Camms Road and passengers on the Cranbourne line
  • impact existing local walking and cycling connections
  • impact rail access to the Cranbourne Stabling yards
  • impact on existing Cranbourne Line Upgrade works.

Rail over road

Raising the rail line over the road would:

  • take longer to build, with significant disruptions to road users and passengers on the Cranbourne line
  • require relocation of the Cranbourne stabling yards
  • impact existing local walking and cycling connections
  • impact on existing Cranbourne Line Upgrade works.

Road under rail

Lowering the road under the rail line would:

  • take longer to build, with significant disruptions to road users and passengers on the Cranbourne line
  • impact existing local walking and cycling connections
  • cut off access to commuter car parking and stabling yards
  • require closure of Camms Road for up to 12 months.

Changes to local roads

We'll need to change some local road connections to build the new road bridge. There'll still be access the station and local roads.

Access from Sharpe Street to Camms Road will be closed permanently. Camms Road access will be via Highview Avenue and Cir Dr Street. Fairfield Street will extend under the new road bridge to connect to Murrary Court. Buses will use this new connection to access Camms Road.

We'll work with nearby residents and traders to manage any impacts while the road overpass is built.

Map of Camms Road project area. Features a new road bridge and new footpath and shared use path over the rail line. Artist impression only, subject to change.

Artist impression only, subject to change.

More car parks for Cranbourne Station

The Victorian Government’s Car Parks for Commuters program is working to deliver over 11,000 new and upgraded station car spaces across the network. This will free up local streets and make it easier for passengers to catch the train.

Rail commuters at Cranbourne Station are set to benefit with 400 new and upgraded car parks to be built as part of the Camms Road Level Crossing Removal Project. The project is supported by the Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution Fund, which builds infrastructure projects in Melbourne's growing communities.

More trains more often in Cranbourne Line Upgrade

The $1 billion upgrade of the Cranbourne Line is underway, and once finished will allow trains to run every 10 minutes.

Four level crossings will be removed as part of the upgrade, making the Cranbourne line the first to be level crossing free. The upgrade also includes adding 8km of new track and widening two rail bridges at Abbotts Road and Eumemmerring Creek, to allow room for trains to pass.

A new platform was opened at Merinda Park Station in March and more than 450 metres of extra track has been installed.

Cranbourne Line Upgrade project overview map

Have your say on Camms Road

Help us achieve the best outcome for Cranbourne by sharing your thoughts on selected urban design aspects, including landscaping, walking and cycling connections and finishes to be used on the road bridge.

While there are some site constrains that will influence parts of the design, we want to know what you value about the local area and how you move around it. Visit us online at Engage Victoria to learn more and provide your feedback until 5pm Sunday 25 July.

Project timeline

Mid 2021
  • Design solution confirmed
  • Community engagement on parts of the project design
  • Early site investigations
Late 2021
  • Contract award
Early 2022
  • Major construction starts
  • Level crossing removed

Timeline subject to change

View PDF version of this community update PDF, 2.3 MB

Cars travelling over the Camms Road bridge, over the Cranbourne line. Artist impression only, subject to change.

Artist impression only, subject to change.

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