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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Building Carrum Station factsheet

12 Dec 2019

The Level Crossing Removal Project is removing 18 level crossings and building 12 new stations as part of a $3 billion upgrade of the Frankston line that will improve safety, reduce congestion and allow more trains to run more often.

Major works are underway in Carrum to remove three dangerous and congested level crossings, create a more direct road connection through to the beach and build four new community open spaces.

The new Carrum Station will open on Monday 17 February 2020 to get Carrum locals back on trains.

Works will continue to complete the station until mid-2020.

The new modern station will make it safer and easier to get to public transport, local shops and the beach with entrances at McLeod Road and Walkers Road for improved access.

Artist impression of Carrum Station from the southern entrance at Walkers Road. Subject to change.

Artist impression of Carrum Station platform. Subject to change.

What’s happening now

Concrete beams have been installed to form the central island platform, which will be complete by the end of the year.

Canopies and sections of the glass weather-protection pods will be built off site and lifted by crane into place to complete the platform.

Works are continuing on the new rail bridge with architectural fins installed in sections along the structure.

Rail and ballast will be delivered soon as we prepare to get trains running on the new rail bridge early next year.

Carrum Station opens

Carrum Station will open on Monday 17 February 2020. Entry to the new station will be from the southern entrance via a new pedestrian connection across Station Street at Walkers Road.

Passengers can get to the platform by lift or stairs to access trains. Seating will be available in glass weather protection pods evenly spaced along the platform with additional seating outside the pods.

Sections of the station will remain closed until mid 2020 while works continue on the main station entrance, at McLeod Road, car parks and landscaping.

There will be signage in place and staff on the ground to help locals get familiar with the new conditions.

View from the new rail bridge and future Carrum Station, opening in early 2020.

Rail closure February 2020

Buses will replace trains on the Frankston line from Moorabbin to Frankston and Stony Point from 1am Sunday 2 February until the last train on Sunday 16 February 2020.

This closure allows us to connect important rail infrastructure such as power and signalling, and test trains on the new rail bridge.

We can then remove the temporary track that's been keeping Frankston line trains running during major works. This makes way for works to progress on ground level facilities.

We will also finish connecting McLeod Road to Nepean Highway, ready for the new intersection to open at the end of the rail closure.

Artist impression of an aerial view of Carrum Station. Subject to change.

What’s next

Main station entrance

Ground level buildings will be complete by mid 2020 including the new climate-controlled waiting area, lift tower and periscope.

Car parks

Works on the southern station car park will start once the temporary track is removed and will take up to three months to complete.

For the safety of the community during works, the main station car park will remain a construction zone until the station is complete and the car park opens in mid 2020.

Walking and cycling facilities

A secure bike storage cage will be built at the main station entrance and bike hoops will be installed at both station entrances ready for use in mid 2020.

Works will also get underway on the new shared use path along Station Street. This will link to the six-kilometre shared path we’re delivering as part of the Seaford Road Level Crossing Removal Project.

Landscaping and planting

Once the station is complete, revitalisation works will get underway and continue until late 2020.

Four new community open spaces will be created, including a town square at Carrum Station’s main entrance and a station garden at the southern entrance.

A new village green will connect Station Street and Nepean Highway, improving access to local shops and the beach.  The new foreshore park will transform the area, linking Carrum to the bay.

More than 80,000 mostly native and indigenous trees and shrubs will be planted from mid to late 2020 to maximise growth in the spring season.

Works on Carrum Station will be complete by mid 2020.

The new rail bridge taking shape in Carrum.


When will the station be complete?

Carrum Station will open on Monday 17 February 2020. Works will continue on the platform and ground level facilities until mid 2020. This staged approach means we can keep people moving while we finish the job.

How do I access the new station?

Pedestrians can access the station at the southern entrance via a new signalised pedestrian connection across

Station Street at Walkers Road. There will be no access from Nepean Highway or McLeod Road while works continue.

Will car parking be available when Carrum Station opens?

No. All rail passenger car parking will be centrally located under the rail bridge for safe and easy access to trains. Works can only start on ground level facilities once the temporary track is removed and passengers are back on trains. All passenger car parking will be open by mid 2020. Alternative all-day parking is available at Seaford North Reserve and Chelsea Library.

What services will be available?

Carrum Station will be staffed from the first to last train. Accessible toilets and Myki ticket facilities will be available. On the platform there will be passenger information displays and hearing loops. Protective Services Officers will be on duty from 6pm to last train.

What weather protection will there be?

Carrum Station will have places to comfortably wait for trains and local buses during all weather conditions. Two canopies at both ends of the platform provide sun and rain protection and six glass weather-protection pods evenly spaced along the platform provide shelter from strong winds.

There will also be wind screens and dedicated protected areas at the lift entrance to the platform for passengers with accessibility requirements.

A new climate-controlled waiting area at the main entrance will open in mid 2020. This area includes digital information displays for train information and is positioned to see local buses on Station Street.

Will there be wheelchair access?

Yes. A lift will take passengers to the platform at the southern entrance. There will also be plenty of staff on hand to help people move around safely.

How do I get to the platform if the lift is broken?

The lift at the southern entrance is connected to an emergency power supply so it will always remain operational. The lift in the main station will open in mid 2020.

Artist impression of Carrum Station fro the southern entrance at Walkers Road. Subject to change.

Project timeline

Late 2019
  • Pier installation
  • Bridge beam installation
  • Works start on Carrum Station platform
Early 2020
  • New Carrum Station opens to passengers
  • Works continue on Carrum Station buildings, car parks and landscaping
  • Eel Race Road and Mascot Avenue, Bonbeach level crossings close
  • Direct connection of McLeod Road to Nepean Highway opens
  • Station car park opens at southern entrance
Mid 2020
  • Carrum Station complete
  • Station car park opens at main station entrance
  • Works start on Carrum’s new open spaces
Late 2020
  • Revitalisation works complete

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