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Buckley Street trader factsheet

01 Jan 2017


We’re removing the level crossing at Buckley Street, Essendon, by building a road underpass beneath the railway line.

In order to do this, we want to make sure you have the right information and support before and during construction.

Project benefits

We’ll be delivering significant benefits to the community, including:

Safer and easier to walk: Improved conditions for pedestrians will make it easier for people to access shops and services

Improved safety: Pedestrians and cyclists, including school children, will no longer have to cross the busy and congested Buckley Street to get to and from the Essendon Station precinct

Boosting the economy: We’re creating hundreds of jobs during construction, and improving opportunities for local traders

Better connected communities: We’ll provide opportunities for better travel and create better access to the local schools and shopping areas

Improved travel times: Vehicle movements will be improved through the area by diverting heavy traffic away from local streets.

We’re with you every step of the way

We are committed to working with you and the wider business community throughout the construction of the level crossing removal.

We will seek to include you in the project as we progress with work, using local businesses to provide goods and services to the work force.

Our dedicated community relations team will be on hand to provide personalised advice and assistance for your business.

We’ll host regular forums and distribute newsletters to keep you updated on developments.

We offer a range of communication channels so you can stay informed in the way that’s most convenient for you.

Any rail, road, or traffic changes will be provided ahead of time throughout the project so you can prepare for any possible disruptions.

Shop local

We recognise that our program of works may have impacts on residents and businesses, and that’s why supporting local traders is central to everything that we do.

Removing level crossings creates thousands of new jobs during construction, ranging from our project partners, sub-contractors and the Level Crossing Removal Authority workforce.

We are a big advocate for shopping locally and we always encourage our workforce and contractors to eat, shop and play locally.

We understand that when we support locally owned businesses, we are not only boosting the local economy but also helping the wider community thrive. That’s why you will regularly see our workers out and about enjoying the wares and ways of the local area.

Business as usual

Prior to the works commencing, we will be in touch with you to gain a better understanding of your business requirements. This will help us work together during construction to minimise the amount of disruption for you and your business.

Some of the measures we undertake include:

  • maintaining access to your business and property so you can continue to welcome customers and receive deliveries
  • displaying directions to local businesses on the hoardings around the construction sites as required
  • operating a 24-hour construction hotline so you can contact the project team with any concerns
  • ensuring the construction schedule is set up for maximum benefit and minimal impacts to the local area.

How can my business be supported?

We have a range of resources and communication tools that you can take advantage of throughout the construction period.

These include collective marketing campaigns and materials we distribute throughout the area.

We also work with Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS), which is a not-for-profit association that has over 130 mentors who have a range of skills and experience to help small businesses.

The type of support offered by SBMS include one-on-one mentoring, information and education sessions, as well as ad-hoc support for your business as you require it.

For more information on SBMS, please visit

Keep an eye out for our Community Relations team in the local community and we’ll be happy to speak with you about minimising possible construction impacts to your business.

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