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Buckley Street road changes fact sheet

20 Sep 2018

Road Changes

We’re removing the dangerous and congested level crossing at Buckley Street, Essendon, by building a road underpass beneath the railway line, creating better traffic flow and a safer community.

This will mean changes to the way you move around the area.

Community feedback

These changes to local roads are the result of more than 12 months of community engagement and regular meetings with stakeholders including Transport for Victoria, VicRoads, PTV, local bus operators, and Moonee Valley City Council.

Key traffic changes:

  • new service roads on Buckley Street
  • new movements at the Buckley Street and Mt Alexander Road intersection
  • signalised intersection at Rose and Sherbourne streets
  • new median strip extension near Violet Street

This fact sheet provides further information about these changes.

Service roads

One-way service roads will be built along both sides of the road underpass to maintain access to local streets.

Some local streets that connect to the service roads will now be ‘left in, left out’. This is to make sure traffic flows properly.

The streets becoming 'left in, left out' are Carlyle, Flower, Violet and Lorraine streets, and Leslie Road.

New intersections

We’re building a new signalised intersection at Rose Street and Sherbourne Street to make sure everyone can move safely through the area.

Following feedback received by the community, Sherbourne Street will become two-way. This makes travelling across Buckley Street easier to get to and from local schools.

Buckley Street

The new road underpass runs along Buckley Street between Mt Alexander Road and Lorraine Street and will be built with two lanes travelling east towards Mt Alexander Road, and one lane travelling west. Extensive traffic modelling shows that this number of lanes meets the needs of current and future traffic flow.

The second eastbound lane is needed to make sure the Buckley Street/Mt Alexander Road intersection works well.

We’re putting in a dedicated lane on Buckley Street connecting the Russell Street service road to Mt Alexander Road. The new lane will have its own traffic light sequence to make sure cars and buses move safely through the intersection.

These new roads and traffic movements will get to where you need to go. While they may take some getting used to, overall travel times and public transport reliability will be improved.

Median extension

Further along Buckley Street, the median strip opposite Lorraine Street and Violet Street will be extended to simplify vehicle movements and improve safety.

The decision to extend the median strip was made after discussions with traffic authorities. As a result, Lorraine Street and Violet Street will also be ‘left in, left out’.


For westbound traffic on Buckley Street, a U-turn/right-turn lane at McPhail Street will provide a safe place for turning vehicles while maintaining traffic flow on Buckley Street.


Pedestrians, including school children, will no longer need to cross busy Buckley Street at traffic lights.

New footpaths on either side of the rail line will connect pedestrians to both signalised and zebra crossings. This will ensure the safety of the hundreds of pedestrians and students who cross Buckley Street near Essendon Station every day.

We'll also be widening the footpath in front of some shops on Rose Street and building new entrance ramps to the central underpass.

This will improve connections between Rose and Russell streets, particularly for people with disabilities.


New bike lane markings (sharrows) on some local roads will direct riders to key cycling routes around Essendon.

We’re also installing a bicycle wheeling ramp into the southern underpass, and fixing the ramps and lighting of the central and northern underpasses.

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