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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Buckley Street community update – October 2018

01 Oct 2018

We’ve removed the dangerous and congested level crossing at Buckley Street, Essendon, months ahead of schedule.

Last month the new Buckley Street road underpass opened to vehicles. The new underpass has two lanes travelling east towards Mt Alexander Road and one lane travelling west.

A dedicated service road on Buckley Street, connecting Russell Street to Mt Alexander Road, has its own traffic light sequence to make sure cars and buses move safely and easily through the intersection. The works on the service roads are complete and Sherbourne Street has become two-way.

Pedestrian underpass upgrades

We’re completing work on the Essendon Station central underpass which is due to reopen in the coming weeks. The underpass will have two new Disability Discrimination Act 1992 compliant ramps, as well as stairs, leading up to Russell and Rose streets.

The southern underpass has been given a facelift with new stairs and walls returned to their original heritage red brick finish. Upgrades to the northern underpass will begin in November and it will then be available for cyclists to use as a link between Rose and Russell streets.

Thank you

Removing a level crossing is a big job and one that does cause unavoidable disruption to the local community. Major construction is complete and the new road underpass is open to traffic. We appreciate your continued patience while we complete the finishing touches in the area.

Buses return

While major construction was underway, your usual bus services operated from temporary locations. Many of these services will return to their permanent location from Sunday 11 November.

SmartBus Route 903

SmartBus Route 903 will operate from temporary stops until further notice. The Mordialloc bound bus stop will be located on Mt Alexander Road between Buckley Street and Russell Street, and the Altona bound bus stop will be located on Russell Street.

Local business profile

Community members walking through the underpass at Buckley for the first time

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Buckley walk-through

Hundreds of people walked through the new Buckley Street underpass on a sunny Thursday afternoon before it opened to traffic. Food and drinks were on offer from local traders and the St Columba’s College choir entertained the crowds.

Choir performing at in the Buckley Street underpass

What happens next?

We will be monitoring how local streets are used over the next few months. This monitoring will include site inspections, survey of traffic movements and traffic counts to determine if any additional traffic management measures are required, in consultation with the relevant authorities.

We'll also be continuing work on the Russell and Rose streets central underpass entrances until mid-November. And once those works are complete we'll be beginning works on the northern pedestrian underpass upgrade.

Buses will return to Russell Street on Sunday 11 November and bus shelters will be installed on Rose and Buckley streets. There will be minor disruptions to roads and footpaths as we continue landscaping and finishing works.

New cycling routes for Essendon

Before work began to remove the Buckley Street level crossing, we gathered feedback from Moonee Valley City Council, VicRoads and technical transport specialists to help us create better connections to local cycling routes and to the Essendon Station precinct.

A designated Strategic Cycling Corridor is proposed north of the level crossing – to include Miller, Shamrock and Fletcher streets – moving cyclists away from Buckley Street and on to existing designated cycling connections, like Mt Alexander Road.

In 2019, we are creating a new, signalised intersection at Mt Alexander Road and Shamrock Street, enhancing the corridor by providing a safer east-west cycling route, connecting to cycling infrastructure.

New bicycle lane markings, or sharrows, on some local roads will help direct riders to the nearby strategic cycling corridors.

Project timeline


June 2018

  • Piling work start
  • Major services relocation
  • Drainage works in Russell Street

July 2018

  • Installation of permanent barriers along service road
  • Construction of service roads
  • Relocation of Protective Services Officers' building
  • Start of station underpass works

August 2018

  • Boom gates removed
  • Construction of road bridge
  • Station underpass work
  • Excavation of the road underpass

September 2018

  • Excavation of the road underpass
  • Construction of rail bridge
  • Installation of architectural panels on the underpass
  • Station underpass works
  • Landscaping
  • Road underpass open

October – December 2018

  • Minor road works
  • Landscaping
  • Station underpass works
  • Traffic monitoring

Early 2019

  • Traffic monitoring
  • Level Crossing Removal works completed
  • Works begin for Shamrock Street - Mt Alexander Road intersection signalisation

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