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Bonbeach Community Update - December 2016

01 Dec 2016

Removing Bonbeach Level Crossing

The Victorian Government is removing 50 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne, including the level crossing at Station Street/Bondi Road in Bonbeach on the Frankston line.

Removals on this line have already been completed at Bentleigh, Ormond and McKinnon, and there are nine more level crossings set to go.

Removing level crossings improves community safety, reduces local congestion, and helps us create a more reliable train network.

These big construction projects also give us the opportunity to revitalise local community precincts, improve stations and access, increase connectivity across communities and provide new parking or community spaces.

Your input, together with expert design and engineering investigations which are continuing, will be vital to remove this crossing and build a better community.

For more information on your level crossing visit Level Crossings.

Next steps

Over the last 12 months, we've been talking to thousands of local people about the best way to remove this dangerous and congested level crossing.

That feedback has given us a valuable insight in to community priorities, issues, and ideas. Technical experts have also been examining the level crossing and surrounds, including through geotechnical drilling, and this work together with community feedback will help us determine the best way to get  this project done.

Through detailed investigations, technical experts have identified significant environmental challenges with removing the level crossing at Bonbeach, due to regional groundwater flows and the potential for this major construction project to impact the Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands.

The wetlands are a local haven for migratory birds and are protected under international treaties because of their environmental significance. These issues have also been identified at the level crossing removals at Edithvale and Seaford.

Because of the potential significant effect to the environment, we will shortly be referring these projects to the Minister for Planning to consider whether an Environmental Effects Statement (EES) should be undertaken at these sites.

An EES is an evaluation of the potential significant environmental, social and planning aspects of a project, and the approach to managing those impacts.

Reference Groups

We'll also be establishing a number of reference groups across the Frankston line to engage local leaders and experts to help drive key aspects of the projects and ensure a strong community influence.

These groups are likely to take different forms – technical, stakeholder and community – but all will provide a forum for people with an interest to continue to provide their perspective as the project continues to progress.

This includes discussion on issues such as:

  • minimising disruption during construction
  • look and feel of the local area
  • landscaping
  • urban design
  • parking provision; and
  • wider community feedback or concerns.

More information:

We'll be providing progress updates as planning continues, including the progress of any Environment Effects Statement (EES) planning process, and updating you on ways that you can get involved.

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