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Bonbeach and Edithvale Community Update - September 2017

01 Sep 2017

Planning for the Edithvale and Bonbeach level crossing removals is progressing well. An Environment Effects Statement is being prepared and studies are now underway to better understand the local environment. We are also asking for community feedback to inform the design and construction planning.

The EES will be prepared over the coming months and will be ready for public review and comment in early 2018. Specialist teams have been out studying the local environment, including investigating along Station Street and in the Edithvale wetlands, and interviewing local business owners.

Community involvement is an important part of planning these projects, so we are asking for your feedback as we prepare the EES and further develop a design for the Edithvale and Bonbeach station precincts.

Community Reference Group

An Edithvale and Bonbeach Community Reference Group (CRG) has been formed to provide a community voice in project planning. We’ve had a great response from locals wanting to be involved. Members for the group include a mix of local residents, businesses, environmental groups, community groups, a council representative and your local Members of Parliament. The first CRG meeting was on 7 September. Keep an eye out for updates about CRG representatives and meetings and be sure to get in touch with your local representative to hear updates and have your voice heard.

We want to hear from you

Community involvement is an important part of planning a level crossing removal. We are asking for your input to help us achieve a great outcome in Edithvale and Bonbeach.

There are many ways to get involved, including:

  • Having a say on our online engagement hub –
  • Connecting with your local Community Reference Group representative
  • Commenting on the EES when it is exhibited early next year.

Where to from here?

Over the coming months we will continue work on the EES, including on-site investigations and community consultation to collect important information. Work on the design of the station precincts will also continue and a construction partner for the Frankston line is to be appointed at the end of 2017.

Construction for Edithvale and Bonbeach will commence in 2019. In early 2018 the EES will be exhibited and open to submissions and we’ll be out in your community to share information about the EES findings and next steps. We are always keen to hear what you think about the project. Please feel free to drop us a line at, use our online engagement hub or get in touch with a community representative on the CRG to ask questions or share your feedback and ideas. If you want to get the latest updates straight to your email, sign up for our updates here.

Environmental Effects Statement timeline

Early to mid 2017 LXRA refers projects to the State Government under the Environment Effects Act Minister for Planning sets scoping requirements. Community review and comment
Mid to late 2017 LXRA prepares EES involving detailed assessments in response to the scoping requirements. Community and stakeholder engagement including CRG, workshops and online submissions
Early 2018 LXRA exhibits EES for public comment Community and stakeholder submissions
Mid to late 2018 Independent Inquiry considers EES and public submissions Minister for Planning’s Assessment

Environmental Assessments

What's included in the Environment Effects Statement?

By lowering the rail line into a trench, there’s the potential to affect local groundwater and the internationally-protected Edithvale-Seaford wetlands. We know that it's possible to build a trench, so the EES will ensure any possible impacts are identified and managed to keep people and the environment  safe. The EES will focus on the effect rail trenches may have on groundwater and the wetlands. It will also consider potential effects more local to the level crossings, such as amenity, ecology, heritage and business impacts, as well the potential presence and disturbance of acid sulfate soils in the  area.

Site investigations in your area

A number of site investigations are underway in your area to inform the EES and in preparation for the safe removal of the level crossings. Works will continue over the coming months.

Along Station Street, e are investigating and recording the location of underground services (such as electricity, gas and sewers) and drilling holes to take soil and groundwater samples. At the Edithvale Wetlands, we are monitoring fish and frog populations, testing the water and taking soil and groundwater samples. We’ve even had a remote control boat out to chart the depths of the wetlands. Thank you for your patience while we undertake these works. If you have any questions about what’s happening, please check for updates or get in touch with us at

New stations for Edithvale and Bonbeach

In addition to removing the dangerous and congested level crossings at Edithvale and Bonbeach, we will also build a new station.

An ‘island’ platform We have been working to progress the design of new train stations for Edithvale and Bonbeach that takes into account the narrow corridor. The trench design takes advantage of the narrow space. The design of a centre 'island platform' offers a number of benefits, including:

  • access to the platform from both sides of Edithvale or Bondi roads, for safer and easier access
  • involving less construction and avoiding the need for multiple sets of stairs, ramps and lifts
  • making the station easier to navigate
  • allowing natural light through to the platform, and increasing visibility of the platform from street level
  • narrowing the trench to provide some space for landscaping alongside the rail corridor.

Getting to and around the station precinct

Car and bicycle parking are included in the design, with options for walking and cycling connections to the station and across the railway line being explored.

We want to hear your views on how the station precinct looks and works. Share your ideas on our online engagement hub.

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