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Bell to Moreland - Walking and Cycling

25 Aug 2019

Walking and Cycling

The Victorian Government is removing the dangerous and congested level crossings at Bell Street, Reynard Street and Munro Street in Coburg, and Moreland Road in Brunswick.

The Bell to Moreland Level Crossing Removal Project will see some significant improvements for cyclists and pedestrians, including separated bicycle and pedestrian paths, more lighting and increased bicycle parking at Coburg and Moreland stations.

Signalised intersection at Munro Street, Coburg.

Safer road crossings

North–south connections are an important consideration for the project to ensure pedestrians and cyclists can cross roads safely.

While the boom gates at north-south crossings currently allow cyclists and pedestrians to cross when they’re down, they also encourage path users to disregard signals, travel at unsafe speeds and take risks.

A priority crossing for cyclists will be installed at Reynard Street, as well as bicycle signals at Moreland Road, Munro Street and Bell Street to create a safer environment.

Paths will be clearly defined for cyclists and pedestrians, running in a straighter direction along the corridor with less twists and turns.

Improving how you get from A to B

  • Separated cycling and walking paths under rail bridge.
  • Wider, straighter paths with less twists and turns.
  • Safer paths with more lighting, upgraded surfaces and clearer sight lines.
  • Over 100 more bicycle parking spaces at train stations.

A smoother journey

Path surfaces will be upgraded and widened to a minimum of three metres, and wider where possible, to make trips safer and more enjoyable for all path users. Extra lighting will also make the path safer and easier to use at night.

We’ll make it easier for cyclists to park their bike and catch the train, with 86 new spaces at Coburg Station and 46 at Moreland Station.

Elevated bike path constraints

An elevated bike path, also known as a “veloway”, will not be built as part of this project due to several constraints.

The narrow width of the rail corridor means land would need to be acquired to accommodate the veloway and ramps leading onto it.

The close vicinity of the heritage station buildings and impact of nearby power lines have also been key considerations. Additionally, privacy screening on a veloway could make it difficult to access in the event of an emergency.

While a veloway is not viable for this project, the rail over road design does not preclude it from being built in the future.

Upfield Bike Path construction impacts

There will be an extended temporary closure of the Upfield Bike Path to undertake upgrade works. We are working with Moreland City Council and other key stakeholders to identify safe and convenient detour routes and will communicate them ahead of time.

Artist impression of open space.

More information

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