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Bell to Moreland - Trees and Vegetation

25 Aug 2019

The Victorian Government is removing the dangerous and congested level crossings at Bell Street, Reynard Street and Munro Street in Coburg, and Moreland Road in Brunswick.

The crossings will be removed by raising the rail line over the road. This design will create new open space, deliver upgrades to the Upfield Bike Path and improve east-west connections.

The project will also build new Coburg and Moreland stations. The existing heritage station buildings will be retained in their current position and integrated into the new station precincts.

New community spaces will be created at Moreland Station.

Landscaping strategy

Earlier this year, we sought community feedback on the new open space and areas around the stations. From the conversations and feedback provided, we heard the community would like to see greener open space along the rail corridor.

Based on the community’s feedback we have developed a landscaping strategy that promotes biodiversity and sustainability.

This will provide more green spaces, shade, habitat for wildlife and see almost three times more trees planted along the corridor than are currently there.

Plant selection

The local community expressed a strong desire for more trees and vegetation in the open space to enhance the visual amenity and enrich the area’s biodiversity.

Well maintained areas are equally important, and this project will deliver new landscaped areas with extensive native plant species that are robust, self-sustaining and drought tolerant.

We will also incorporate site specific tree planting allowing the benefits of sun and warmth during winter, while providing shaded cool environments throughout summer.

Gandolfo Gardens

We understand that Gandolfo Gardens, which is part of the Moreland Station Reserve, holds significant local value to the community and we are committed to protecting all heritage items within the garden including the signal hut, heritage signal and canoe tree.

We have undertaken a full assessment of all trees in the project area and are working closely with a qualified arborist to investigate what we can do to minimise impacts to the garden.

While we will retain as many trees as possible, tree removal will be required to safely construct the rail line.

No trees will be removed for storing materials in Gandolfo Gardens. Any trees that need to be removed either conflict with the elevated rail structure, or the crane set-ups required for safe lifting.

Gandolfo Gardens in the Moreland Station Reserve.

Promoting sustainability

We are committed to minimising impacts to the environment. Our landscaping designs incorporate Water Sensitive Urban Design guidelines and where tree removal is required, wood from these trees will be repurposed. This can include:

  • donating bark and timber to local community groups, artists and furniture makers
  • offering logs to the local council for use as habitat in local parks
  • using logs for nature-based play areas
  • using mulch and habitat logs in new garden beds.

If vegetation cannot be repurposed in any other way, it can be turned into mulch for use in schools, parks and public gardens.

More information

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